Hollywood Outsiders: Celebs Living off the Beaten Path

by Danielle Samaniego

Hollywood Outsiders: Celebs Living off the Beaten Path

For most people, home isn’t just where the heart is; it’s a getaway from the worries of their work worlds, a chance to recuperate from their daily chaos.


Of course, that can be difficult to accomplish if you find yourself living in the heart of where you work, which is what celebrities face on a daily basis. Los Angeles and New York are convenient hubs for actors who spend the majority of their time shooting in these locations, but there’s an increasing number of stars who are seeking respite elsewhere.


Many celebs are spreading inland from the two American coasts to places like Colorado, Montana, and Tennessee as well as outside of the USA. And thanks to their hefty salaries, they’re able to afford any quirky lifestyle they choose, a telling sign that some lengths are worth it for a little peace and quiet.


Woody Harrelson, Hawaii
Noted for his eccentricities and extreme environmental stances, Harrelson wouldn’t be himself if he simply just lived in Hawaii. No, instead he’s off the grid in an all-solar-powered community tucked away on Maui, where the vehicles run on bio-diesel. “There [are] probably about 200 people, but in terms of houses, maybe 100. People get the idea that it’s like a commune, but this was a neighborhood that’s been there long before I got there and they just never wanted power lines,” Harrelson told Mindfood Magazine last year. Like fellow celeb Ed Begley, Jr., the former Cheers star is among the celeb elite who went “green” long before it was ever considered a verb.


Shania Twain, Switzerland
Pop-country sensation Shania Twain moved to La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland with her then-husband Mutt Lange not long after the singer broke out on the music charts. Like a lot of celebrities who hit insta-fame, Twain said she was overwhelmed by all the attention and found solace far away from the spotlight. Since her subsequent divorce, Twain has remained at her Swiss chateau where she’s said in past interviews that the tranquil locale has provided the best retreat.


Johnny Depp, France
Depp’s residential locale is as off Hollywood’s beaten path as his career choices. The versatile actor calls the south of France home, where he resides with his partner, Vanessa Paradis, and their two children. And when Depp needs a break from the idyllic country, he also has the option of taking the family out to his own private island nestled in the Bahamas, proving Depp had a love affair with the Caribbean long before he was conquering it as Captain Jack Sparrow.


Robert Redford, Utah
It makes sense that the birthplace of Redford’s highly hailed Sundance Film Festival is also the state he prefers calls home. The established actor has lived in rural Utah for years following time he spent filming blockbusters there, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A longtime environmentalist, Redford recently told the Huffington Post, “I myself cherish the wildlands of Utah, like the Dark Canyon Wilderness Area, whose castle-like walls reach toward Glen Canyon, or the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, home to pink and red slot canyons so artfully sculpted, it seems like they were carved by hand.”


Nicole Kidman, Tennessee
Forget the fact that Kidman and her hubby Keith Urban hail from Australia; these two have opted for the range life in Tennessee just outside of Nashville. Kidman told the local Tennessean newspaper last year that the southern state was an ideal locale to raise her daughter, Sunday Rose. She added that she found it easy to forego big-city living for her country ranch, which she described as “pretty simple,” perhaps signifying that she’s more Cold Mountain than Moulin Rouge.


Bruce Willis, Idaho
The Die Hard star clearly prefers to take things a little slower outside of his usual action roles, which includes a home in Hailey, Idaho. Willis doesn’t just live there, however, he’s also invested in the town, where he owns the Mint bar, the Liberty Theater, and the abandoned Hailey Drug Store. He also owns a ski lodge in Fairfield, Idaho that he plans to rebuild following a fire that destroyed it earlier this year, which is reason #128 why it’s nice to have a major movie star invested in places outside of Los Angeles or New York.


Again, this is just a smattering of stars settling down outside of Tinseltown. Just because their professions warrant a lot of public scrutiny doesn’t mean these celebrities aren’t entitled to some semblance of privacy, especially when it comes to their homes. Because sometimes there’s nothing better than being able to head home after a long day’s (or months) of work, even if it takes you hundreds or thousands of miles to get there.