How Well Do You Know Your Ryans: Gosling or Reynolds?

by Rachel Weeks

How Well Do You Know Your Ryans: Gosling or Reynolds?

While you may not necessarily mix up the two Hollywood heartthrobs, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds get mixed up more often than you’d think. We’ll put your Ryan knowledge to the test with this quick quiz.



Apparently, a lot of fans can’t tell these two Ryans apart. Gosling says he often gets mistaken for Reynolds on the street. “They’re disappointed when I’m not Ryan Reynolds,” Gosling said: “‘Oh, can I get my picture with you?’ And you’re like, sure, and they’re like, ‘I thought you were more muscled.’ No. ‘Have you gotten, like, more unattractive for a role?’ No. Just the role of my life.” So just how well do you know these A-list stars? Test your knowledge!


Which Ryan was cast in a movie because the director didn’t think he was good looking?

Gosling. We’re just as shocked as you are. The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes invited Gosling over to his home, and the strangest thing happened. “When I got there, he (Cassavetes) was standing in his backyard,” Gosling explained. “And he looked at me and said, ‘I want you to play this role because you’re not like the other young actors out there in Hollywood. You’re not handsome, you’re not cool, you’re just a regular guy who looks a bit nuts.'” Uh. We disagree, Nick!


Which Ryan was born in Canada?

Both! Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, while Gosling was born in London, Ontario (he shares his hometown with Justin Bieber).


Which Ryan gave himself a tattoo?

Gosling. Both Ryans have tattoos—Reynolds has one of a naval cannon on his arm and one on his wrist—but only Gosling did the artwork himself. “One of my tattoos is supposed to be a monster’s hand dropping a bloody heart, but I did it myself with a tattoo kit, so it looks like a cactus,” he told Metro. Maybe leave the tattooing to the professionals.


Which Ryan flunked his first drama class?

Reynolds. While both Ryans are accomplished actors today, it wasn’t always that way. Reynolds failed his first and only drama class! “I never took acting classes,” he said. “But I knew I could do it based on the skill with which I lied to my parents on a regular basis.”


Which Ryan is afraid to fly?

Reynolds. When he was 17, the Green Lantern star went skydiving and his primary parachute failed to launch midair. “I’m falling to the ground thinking that it was great, and then I pulled my cord and … nothing,” Reynolds told Glamour. “Then I remember that I have to try to release the reserve chute. This might sound odd, but when you’re falling like that you just can’t bring yourself to do it.” Luckily, the reserve chute did its job and brought Reynolds safely to the ground, but he still—understandably—has a fear of flying.


Which Ryan lived in a trailer park?

Gosling. For the first season of The Mickey Mouse Club, Gosling and his mother moved to Florida and lived in a trailer park called Yogi Bear Park. He talked all about it with David Letterman.


Which Ryan inspired an ex to write a breakup album?

Reynolds. In 2007, he ended a nearly five-year relationship with Alanis Morissette—and quickly got engaged to Scarlett Johansson—which inspired the singer/songwriter to write her 2008 album Flavors of Entanglement. Morissette told The Orange County Register in 2008: “One of the main themes of this record is this recovery, rising up from the ashes so to speak. So it’s sort of an unraveling of my own personal life, hitting my own rock bottom and rising up.” While Gosling hasn’t exactly inspired an album, he is one half of rock duo Dead Man’s Bones, who released their only album in 2009.


Which Ryan loves to knit?

Gosling. He learned to knit on the set of Lars and the Real Girl while shooting an all-day scene with a room full of old ladies. Not only did he fall in love with the hobby, he says it would be a big part of his ideal day. “If I had to design my perfect day, that would be it. And you get something out of it at the end. You get a nice present for someone who wants an oddly shaped, off-putting scarf.”


Which Ryan is a huge motorcycle enthusiast?

Again, both. Reynolds is the proud owner of a number of Triumph and Ducati bikes and has even been photographed riding his bike hands-free (not recommended). But Gosling is no motorcycle slouch either. In fact, according to stunt coordinator Brian Smyj, Gosling shot 70 percent of the motorcycle work in The Place Beyond the Pines himself. “He would have done 95 percent of it, but he wasn’t available when filming demanded he be in other places,” Smyj said. “He might have done all of it if he could have, but there was no way the insurance company was going to sign off on him racing between the headstones through the cemetery or crashing the motorcycle.”


Which Ryan saved a woman’s life?

Gosling. Forgetting that cars drive on the right side of the road in the U.S., British journalist Laurie Penny would have been hit by a taxicab in New York City if The Notebook star hadn’t pulled her back just in time. “I literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling,” Penny tweeted.


So the two hottest Ryans in Hollywood have more in common than just a first name, but Reynolds insists that they’re biggest difference is simply their hair color. When one fan claimed to not know the difference between the two, Reynolds tweeted: “Different hair colors. Ryan Gosling has light BLOND hair. And Ryan Reynolds is a c—t.”