Jay Z’s Concert For Hillary Clinton Is Just One Way Celebs Are Saying ‘I’m With Her’

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Jay Z’s Concert For Hillary Clinton Is Just One Way Celebs Are Saying ‘I’m With Her’

Jay Z recently announced that he will headline a concert in support of Hillary Clinton that will encourage people to vote. He and other major celebrities have been out in full force to support her as election day draws near.


Jay Z Plans a Hillary Clinton Concert



Jay Z is showing his support for Hillary Clinton in a major way. He recently announced that he will headline a concert that will help “rally young black voters.”

“Jay Z’s doing a concert, and I’m thrilled to have this support. Because I think one of the biggest jobs that I will face, assuming everything goes well, is how are we going to heal all these divides?” Clinton said during a radio show interview last week, according to the New York Daily News.

The concert will take place on November 4 in Cleveland. Maybe Beyoncé will show up?


Katy Perry Will Headline A Major Event To Show She’s “With Her”



Katy Perry has been touring with Hillary since Iowa, and she performed her hit song “Unconditionally” for her at Radio City Music Hall back in March.

“I sing this next song for her because I do believe this woman shows unconditional love,” she told the cheering crowd before her performance.

Her stumping for Hillary isn’t stopping, either. Perry is headlining an event in Philadelphia on November 6, just two days before the election.


Bon Jovi Rocks For The Hillary Vote



Iconic New Jersey rock group Bon Jovi will travel down south to Tampa, Florida, November 6 to perform a pro-Hillary Clinton concert, just a week after the band rocked the house in Pittsburgh on October 27. Hopefully, her chances to take swing state Florida from Trump won’t be living on a prayer.


J. Lo and Marc Anthony Reunite for Clinton



Last week, A-list exes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reunited on stage for a free pro-Hillary Clinton concert in Miami. In an epic surprise, Clinton herself joined the duo on stage as the crowd absolutely roared.

“Thank you Florida for coming out tonight… it was amazing!! #gohillary #strongertogether #govote #lovetrumpshate #Latinos #letsgetloud #vote,” Lopez captioned one of her Instagrams from the night.


The National Honors Its Name With a Concert



Band members of the National have been outspoken in their criticism of Donald Trump, but now they’re out in full force to campaign for his opponent.

November 2 in their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, The National will play a concert as part of the Love Trumps Hate series.

“We will urge Ohioans to support Clinton and her vision of an America that is stronger together by voting early or on Election Day,” they said in a statement.

Um, after frontman Matt Berninger released his anti-Trump song with his other band EL VY, I think we were all pretty clear on how the band was voting.


Robert De Niro Buzzes Around New York To Get Out The Vote (For Hillary)



De Niro has been a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton for awhile, but recently he was spotted at the Heroes Among Us Gala for the American Red Cross in Greater New York encouraging everyone in attendance to vote for Clinton.

Back in 2015, he said: “I think that she’s paid her dues. She has earned the right to be president and the head of the country at this point. It’s that simple,” according to The Daily Beast.


Miley Cyrus Knocks On Doors To Remind Students To Vote



What would you do if you opened your door and it was Miley Cyrus who had been knocking? Well, she’s hoping you would vote.

To get out the vote for her candidate Hillary Clinton, Miley knocked on doors over the weekend at George Mason University, hoping to inspire young students to hit the polls on election day.

On November 1, Miley shared just one of the reasons she’s “with her” on Instagram: “1 week countdown! Voting for @hillaryclinton is crucial!! Hillary’s friends from college describe Hillary as being incredibly committed to and focused on improving the lives of women and children, even as a student. She put this passion into practice when she led public education reform in Arkansas in 1983 as the chair of the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee, and again when she developed a national plan for health care reform in 1993 while she was First Lady.”


Busy Philipps Encourages Women To Vote



The actress has been quietly campaigning for Hillary Clinton, showing up in Des Moines, Iowa, to speak to a small crowd of about 20 women, encouraging them to vote on their lunch breaks.

“That’s what brought me here on two airplanes and waking up at 4 a.m. and leaving my beautiful girls and their father for two days and missing my SoulCycle classes to be here with you guys and travel around Iowa,” she said, according to CBS News.


Ben Harper Hopes To Pull Iowa Toward Hillary Clinton



As it seems Iowa might be tipping toward Trump, musician Ben Harper will put on a Love Trumps Hate concert in Des Moines to hopefully pull some voters toward voting early for Hillary Clinton. It’s not the first time Ben Harper stumped for Hillary, as he also performed as part of a Clinton fundraiser in Los Angeles. This time, though, he’ll have VP candidate Tim Kaine by his side.