Justin Bieber Officially Deleted His Instagram, Isn’t Sorry in the Least

by Bethany Lozier

Justin Bieber Officially Deleted His Instagram, Isn’t Sorry in the Least

Justin Bieber ended his Instagram today after warning the bloodthirsty Beliebers who bullied new girlfriend Sofia Richie in recent posts.


Somebody call 911 ASAP because Justin Bieber has officially left Instagram.


Justin Bieber Deleted Instagram


What do you mean, Justin Bieber LEFT Instagram? Why hasn’t somebody called for a state of emergency? Does the President know? Where can we protest?


For true Beliebers, this shocking turn of events may not come as a surprise, as unwelcome as it may be.


The Biebs and his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, have been victimized by the infamous internet trolls for weeks, and Bieber finally said enough is enough–by removing himself completely from the social media account.


Before Bieber made this meteroric move, he had threatened to make his Instagram private if fans “didn’t stop the hate.” Looks like the haters can’t take a hint.


Sofia Richie’s account is very much live, even though she recently disabled the comments feature. Regardless, the trolls have descended upon her posts with new fervor.


Sofia Richie Insta haters


Seriously, when someone finds a way to permanently silence the bullies, give us a call.


To make matters even more interesting, Bieber’s most famous ex, Selena Gomez, has officially apologized for their alleged public feud. On August 15th, Gomez posted a photo to Snapchat with the caption “what I said was selfish and pointless,” which most fans are assuming is related to the Bieber spat.


Though Bieber has not yet made a public statement surrounding his Instagram departure, it’s safe to say his fans are on top of the soapbox.


The hashtag #JustinDeactivedParty is now trending on Twitter, and Beliebers are throwing fits all over the damn place.


Justin Bieber’s official Twitter account is still active as well as his Facebook page, though there have been no recent posts.


Maybe some time away from the social media frenzy will do the Biebs some good––he does have Richie to keep him company, and he’s still churning out successful singles week after week.


Our guess? He’s probably not sorry for all of the drama, and after so much time in the selfie–– er, spotlight… could probably use some time away from social media. In all honesty, the haters are gonna continue to hate, but Bieber reminds us to love ourselves.