Justin Timberlake Could Face Jail Time For Voter Selfie

by More.com Editors

Justin Timberlake Could Face Jail Time For Voter Selfie

Not all states are equal when it comes to taking pictures and voting.


Justin Timberlake is in hot water after posting a selfie when he went to vote on Monday. The “Suit & Tie” singer was spreading the word about the importance of voting when he found himself in quite the pickle.


According to TMZ, the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office in Memphis, Tennessee, is now investigating Timberlake because it is unlawful to take a selfie in a voting booth. A district attorney spokesperson told TMZ that the case is currently “under review.” If Timberlake is prosecuted, he could face 30 days behind bars!


Justin Timberlake could go to jail for taking a selfie in the voting booth.


Although it is technically legal to snap a selfie while voting in Tennessee — thanks to a recently changed law — the issue is certain things can’t be in your picture.


“Cameras are not allowed, but you can take a selfie, that was changed just recently. You can take a selfie of you and your own ballot, but not of anyone else in the polling place, nothing else in the polling place,” said Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell via Fox 10.


According to the Associated Press, there are 19 states, plus Washington, D.C., that allow ballot selfies. They’re illegal in 18 states. In 13 states, the law is mixed or unclear whether a voter selfie is legal.


Here are 10 other dos and don’ts to be mindful of when voting. Hopefully, Justin Timberlake abided by the rest of these things!


1. DON’T use a sharpie or a heavy bleeding marker to vote.


If your marker inks through to the other side of your voting sheet, you could end up voting for something or someone you didn’t want to vote for. This accident could also cause the voting machine to count too many votes on your sheet and could cause your vote not to be counted.


2. DO wear blue or red to show your party affiliation.


You should be proud to vote for your party affiliation. Wear a red shirt or a blue shirt to the polls to show off your pride.


3. DO vote in the district where you are registered.


You must go to the designated location in your district to vote. Be prepared to provide your name and address before you receive a ballot.


4. DON’T interrupt the staff working at your voting location.


The staff has important duties to complete on election day. If you have a question, ask someone at a help desk or check to see if there is a person walking around and taking questions from voters.


5. DON’T bring any weapons to the voting station.


I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory.


6. DO make sure that you are registered to vote (and that you’re of age to do so) before heading into the voting station.


You can verify your voter registration here.


7. DO bring your license or U.S. passport as a form of identification.


Some voting stations do not check identification, but you should always have a valid form of ID on your person when you go to vote. Don’t let the rules stop you from placing your legal vote.


8. DON’T campaign for your political party or your choice for president while within the boundaries of the voting station.


It is considered inappropriate to campaign inside a voting station. If you’d like to campaign, generally standing outside of the voting precinct is allowed.


9. DO become familiar with the questions on the ballot before voting.


Take some time to research the ballot questions before you go to vote. This will save you some time when trying to make a decision in the booth.


10. DON’T worry about voting for everything on the ballot.


If you don’t want to vote in certain categories, you don’t have to. Simply vote for the people or the things that interest you or that you want to vote for. If you only want to vote for president, for example, select one option and then submit your form as is. Your vote will count even if you don’t fill the whole sheet in.