Kanye West Is Breaking Into The Beauty Industry With DONDA Line

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Kanye West Is Breaking Into The Beauty Industry With DONDA Line

Kanye West has reportedly filed documents to produce cosmetics named after his late mother.

Kanye West's empire is about to get a lot "Stronger" as, according to TMZ, he has officially filed legal documents that declare his intention to create DONDA branded beauty cosmetics including makeup, perfumes, lotions, and more.


The brand name of the rapper's new endeavor comes from his late mother, Dr. Donda West, who passed away in 2007. And while everyone is pretty much freaking out in excitement right now, Kanye has been upfront about his intentions to make DONDA a total lifestyle brand. In his planned "categories of influence," he even included a "luxury search engine," hovercrafts, holograms, and several alternative energy sources. So yeah, he has some lofty goals. 

Of course, it might be worthy to note that Kanye West's sister-in-law Kylie Jenner is currently dominating the makeup game, and this move would definitely set them up to be direct competitors. So, family get-togethers could very easily get a little awkward, if you ask us. Who knows, though. Maybe they'll try out some sort of collaboration?!

Regardless, we're totally excited to see what Kanye has in store for the beauty industry. Stay tuned for updates on what's sure to be some fab products!