Katy Perry Proves You Can Be Naked And Vote For President, Too

by admin

Katy Perry Proves You Can Be Naked And Vote For President, Too

The "Roar" singer is proving that it doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as you vote.

Katy Perry is Wide Awake and ready to vote… in nothing but her birthday suit.

On Monday, Perry tweeted out her plan, along with a censored photo, to use her body to change the world.

According to the singer, and enthusiastic Clinton supporter, you can literally wear whatever you want to vote in the November 8 elections — even if that means nothing at all. In a Funny or Die and Rock the Vote collaboration, the singer proved to the world that it doesn't matter what you have on your body to cast your vote, as long as it's something.

"This year, you can look like sh*t when you vote," Perry says in a pair of star-spangled jammies and a bedhead of hair.

Other options she suggests include a child's onesie, a body covered in slime and even a "hunk in kids' briefs." However, we did learn that totally nude is not actually an option as the video ended with the politically-involved singer getting hauled away by police after fully ripping off her nighties.

In total Perry fashion, the singer is using her platform to remind millennials how important it is to perform their civic duty and how unimportant it is to look good doing it. She isn't the only celeb spreading the message of the significance the millennial generation can bring to this year's election, though.

MTV brought back their hit show Total Request Live on Tuesday night (renamed for the evening as Total Registration Live) to remind viewers that their vote truly does matter. The show brought in celebs such as Kendall Jenner, Joss Whedon, Ty Dolla $ign and more to relay the significance of this election season.

So wear whatever you want to wear on November 8; just promise us (and Katy Perry) to get to your nearest voting precinct. Besides, if you ask us, being an informed and active citizen is as attractive as it gets.