Kim Kardashian Exposed Taylor Swift and We’re Not Sure How to Feel

by Hilary Braaksma

Kim Kardashian Exposed Taylor Swift and We’re Not Sure How to Feel

Kim took to Snapchat to reveal that Tayor is, at best, a little shady, and at worst, actually Regina George.


Twitter is reeling after Kim Kardashian used Snapchat to put America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift, on blast.


A little backstory, in case you missed it: Kim’s husband, rapper Kanye West, released “Famous” with the lyrics “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous” and things pretty much started unraveling there. The lyrics were a reference to the nightmarish Grammy’s incident in 2009, which most of us believed Kanye and Taylor had finally worked past. When “Famous” debuted, Kanye insisted he had cleared the lyrics with Taylor, while Taylor said otherwise, and even used her 2016 Grammy’s acceptance speech to throw shade at Kanye over the lyrics, leading us to believe Tay-Tay never gave her approval.


Well, Kim finally outed her. The reality star posted video footage of a phone call Kanye made to Taylor, running the lyrics by her. In the phone call Taylor can be heard responding to the lyrics and even thanking Kanye for reaching out and asking for permission.


Needless to say, the entire internet feels betrayed and has responded accordingly:




The majority of the memes have been comparisons between Swift and the legendary Mean Girls villain Regina George.



The Regina George comparisons actually started with this tweet from Katy Perry in 2014, which many took to be a jab at Swift after their falling out.


And the whole event is made even shadier when you consider that Swift’s most recent ex, Calvin Harris, just accused Swift of backstabbing him over her lyrical additions to his song “This Is What You Came For”.


Do you think it’s possible that Taylor Swift has actually bean a mean girl this entire time? Sound off in the comments!