Kristen Bell Is the CUTEST Bride You Will Ever See

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Kristen Bell Is the CUTEST Bride You Will Ever See

There's finally public photo evidence of Kristen Bell's fairy tale marriage to Dax Shepard.

Kristen Bell may be the perfect woman. She's a bad ass on Veronica Mars; she voiced Princess Anna in Frozen; and, of course, she shares an excruciatingly adorable marriage with fellow actor Dax Shepard. Though the two officially married in October 2013, Bell just released the official nuptial photos on July 24.

In an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Bell revealed exclusive wedding details previously unknown to the public. Skip to 5:33 to see the official wedding shots in the video below. 

Bell did not don a traditonal wedding dress, opting instead for a chic, understated black top and pants with a stunning silver statement necklace. Shepard wore a traditional dark suit as the couple said their vows in a small Beverly Hills courthouse. 

The couple officially tied their long-awaited knot on October 17, 2013, after a three-year engagement. Bell and Shepard decided to hold off on their official marriage until their gay friends could also legally wed. Almost immediately after the gay marriage court ruling, Bell sent Shepard this tweet:

Of course, Shepard accepted. 

Though their wedding venue and nuptial process was quite understated, Bell said her wedding was "one of the best days of my life."

The couple now have two daughters together and have been happily married for almost three years (aww). Can you say #marriage and #lifegoals?