Lady Gaga’s Most Outrageous Outfits

by Rachel Weeks

Lady Gaga’s Most Outrageous Outfits

No one—not even Miley—knows how to turn heads and send fans into a frenzy quite like Lady Gaga. A master of transforming herself, Gaga is never afraid to push boundaries. Check out some of the red-carpet, stage, and street looks we’re, pun totally intended, gaga for.


Meat Dress



Gaga shocked everyone when she wore this “dress” to accept her Video of the Year trophy at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Made entirely of raw flank steak, the dress was accessorized with matching hat, boots and purse. When receiving her award from presenter Cher, Gaga joked, “I never thought I’d be asking Cher to hold my meat purse.” The preserved dress is now housed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.


Walking Work of Art



Gaga arrived at the 2010 MTV VMAs in a breathtaking Alexander McQueen dress printed with Byzantine-style artwork, but it was her gold-feather mohawk and 12-inch McQueen heels that gave it that signature Gaga style. She rocked a similar pair in a photo shared on her Instagram account recently. The petite singer loves a height booster!


Jo Calderone



After wearing a record-breaking number of outfits at the 2010 VMAs, Lady Gaga shocked fans by wearing only one look to the 2011 awards show. But she made that one look count, spending the evening in menswear as her alter ego Jo Calderone. She opened the show with a performance of her hit “You and I” and spent the rest of the evening rocking Calderone’s Elvis-esque pompadour.


Celestial Dreams



Gaga shone like a true star at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2010. She started the night by walking the red carpet in this galaxy-inspired creation by Giorgio Armani Prive. The full look featured a crystal-studded nude body suit that included a hood (that hair appears to be a wig), some seriously fierce platform shoes, and a seemingly pointless spiky ornament held in one hand.


Glittering Gaga



Gaga’s other star-studded 2010 Grammy look included this rhinestone-encrusted sculptural headpiece by famed headwear designer Philip Treacy. The hatmaker catapulted to fame when Princess Beatrice wore one of his creations to the Royal Wedding. In 2011, there were rumors that Gaga was going to take an internship with Treacy. According to some reports, that internship happened, but Treacy reportedly claimed that Gaga should stick to singing!


Molded Plastic Gown



Lady Gaga wore many looks during the release party of her album ARTPOP in 2013. Among them, a hooded white leotard with thigh-high boots, and a steampunk-inspired snakeskin look, but she rocked this molded plastic number on arrival. The party, complete with flying dresses, free food trucks, priceless art, and a full stage show, lasted eight hours and cost the singer $3 million!


Wigged Out in White



When Lady Gaga attended the 2013 Glamour Women of the Year Awards held at Carnegie Hall in New York City, she did so in a Thom Browne suit paired with custom A-Morir 10-inch pearl-covered platform shoes. We’re not big fans of the Thom Browne aesthetic; we dubbed his show one of the worst at NYFW that year.


Born in a Bottle



For the launch of her perfume “Fame” in 2012, Gaga stepped out of a carriage shaped like her fragrance bottle while wearing an ensemble inspired by the bottle itself. The sculptural, shiny black dress and metallic headpiece were each certainly one of a kind, but the real kicker? Those shoes. Those are little gold men climbing on them …


Gaga at the Gala



Met Gala attendees always push the boundaries of fashion, but Lady Gaga’s look for the 2015 event at the Metroplitan Museum of Art was decidedly mild for the singer. The look was still stunning—it just wasn’t as over-the-top as many of her past looks. She walked the red carpet with designer Alexander Wang, who also designed her stunning black-and-white Balenciaga gown. With a crownlike headpiece and dramatic makeup, we think Gaga looks a bit like Spanish royalty!


Tricked-Out Tresses



Gaga wore this relatively tame look to the 2010 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, where it was announced that she had taken a new position as creative director for Polaroid. While her clothing may have been mild, her hair was anything but. The sculptural ‘do looks a bit like one of those little cocktail umbrellas. Festive!


Inside Out



Shown here rocking the full-on Monster Claws, Gaga wore this inside-out look to the The Accessories Council’s 13th Annual ACE Awards in 2009. Tiny shorts, fishnet stockings, and a visible bra (worn over a button-up shirt) all got a coating of powder. Perhaps that happened when powdering her wig?


Lady Godiva



Gaga channeled Lady Godiva for her arrival at the 2013 American Music Awards, though she did keep her clothes on. While her dress and hair were quite subdued, she was riding a giant horse puppet controlled by two puppeteers and was led down the red carpet by a white-suited man.


Quasimodo Suit



In 2009, Gaga showed up for an album publicity event wearing this black suit … with ENORMOUS shoulder pads. The ’80s got nothin’ on this look.


Laced Up



In 2009, Lady Gaga wore this lace and latex look to the Monster Cable Party at the Tube Club in Berlin, Germany. We’re sort of crushing on her soft curls in this shot.


Wedge Wig



While in Berlin in 2009, Gaga also wore this sculptural ensemble, rocking a thick, crimped wig cut into a strong wedge shape and blunt bangs with what appears to be a bubble skirt.


Steampunk Gaga



Even Kanye’s “I’m going to let you finish” gaffe with Taylor Swift wasn’t enough to overshadow Lady Gaga at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. With a steam-punk, black-feather collar and gold Phantom-of-the-Opera-esque mask, Gaga demanded attention on the red carpet and on-stage.


Jeweled Leotard



On-stage at the 52nd Grammy Awards, Gaga looked positively fierce in this sea-foam gem-encrusted leotard with matching sky-high booties. Not to mention the rhinestone-covered pink eye triangles…


White Biker



While we love her white textured twist on the biker look, Gaga looked a little … crusty at the 2010 amfAR Gala. Okay, so she had glued hundreds of pearls to her face, legs, and body, but from afar they looked less like precious stones and more like a nasty infection.


White Layered Ghost



Gaga stormed the 2010 Brit Awards’ red carpet in a tiered Francesco Scognamiglio dress and towering white beehive wig. We’re not sure if she was going for a clown look or maybe just mimicking a big-top tent, but either way, we’re not loving the Christmas tree silhouette, even if it does leave more to the imagination than usual.


Painted Eyes



Bottomless, leather, and studded are all very typical themes for the fashion-crazy pop sensation, but that eye look is not something we’re used to seeing. Sorry, Gaga, this is one statement eye we cannot get behind.


Scary Teeth



The Mother Monster arrived at the 2013 Youtube Music Awards wearing a bizarre set of grills and, in true Gaga fashion, no pants. While we don’t mind the black leather shirt and the wide-brimmed hat, the overall look has us wondering why Gaga decided to take a page out of Howard Stern’s stylebook. And those teeth … why those teeth?


Sexy Hef



In 2015, Lady Gaga made an appearance at the 46th induction of the Songwriters Hall of Fame in what can only be described as a Playboy Bunny Hugh Hefner outfit complete with red smoking jacket and leather bra. While her chunky Alexander Wang Sloane boots certainly make a statement, it’s the hole in her tights that keeps grabbing our attention and not in a good way.


Metallic Suit and Crystal Eyeshadow



Gaga shocked the crowds at the 37th Annual Kennedy Center Honors with an uncharacteristically buttoned-up—albeit very shiny—outfit. The platinum-wigged performer honored Sting with a growly version of “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You,” but something tells us the older musician wouldn’t approve of her look.


ARTPOP Umbrella Skirt



Even in poor, abused fishnets, Lady Gaga stuns in this white, bedazzled, shoulder-padded dress. Of course, we could expect nothing less from the first show in The ARTPOP Ball tour in 2014.


Mirrored Dress



Lady Gaga really shone at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival in England. I mean, who wouldn’t in this corseted disco-ball dress? To be fair, this look is pretty tame for one of Gaga’s stage ensembles, but of course she couldn’t be without her rock candy staff.





In 2014, Lady Gaga arrived at the Galliera Museum in France wearing an outfit reminiscent of the museum itself. She’s rocking that checkered matching set, but we’re not so sure about the silvery rope wig and truly terrifying shoes. More props to her if she can walk in them.


Felt Dress



Leaving her hotel for a concert in Paris, Lady Gaga was seen wearing this Comme des Garcons felt dress. What is she going for here? Cookie cutter? Paper doll? Gumby’s new steam-punk girlfriend? We’re not sure either. Not everything can be taken from runway to real life, and especially not this crafty-looking catastrophe.


Clear Plastic Dress



As far as Lady Gaga outfits go, this one is a classic. Created by Haus of Gaga—Gaga’s personal creative team—in collaboration with Mugler, this rubber dress is pushing iconic. Pair it with bold yellow hair, a creepy monster/skeleton hand, and a matching “disco stick,” and you have the makings of a legendary outfit.


Red Lace



This is another outfit for the Lady Gaga archives. In 2009, Gaga accepted the award for best new artist at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing a stunning red Alexander McQueen lace dress. She even had the Haus of Gaga design a lace facemask and crown to match.


Blue Leather Dress



Spotted on the Lower East Side of New York City, Lady Gaga sported an all-blue, all-leather jacket-dress and matching hat. Not only does that outfit look difficult to walk in, it also looks sweaty—very, very sweaty. And, in case you can’t tell, the beaded curtains are dangling from her eyebrows, not her hat.


Biker Chic



Gaga looked studly in this all-leather ensemble—complete with a little leather mask—at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2011. Her studded biker jacket is a pop star essential, and we always love a strong red lip; however, the crotch cross might be a bit much.


red lace bodysuit



In 2009, Lady Gaga performed at the launch of V61 in what appears to be an homage to Jesus Christ himself. While we can’t see the savior particularly approving of Gaga’s revealing, lace jumpsuit, we’re sure he appreciates the pop star’s shout-out.


Princess Gaga



Like any belle at her own ball, Lady Gaga arrived at the opening of Gaga’s Workshop in Barneys New York dressed to impress. She wore a white Chanel jacket and an enormous teacup skirt, both trimmed with studs. And don’t forget her sky-high, studded booties. Honestly, the whole look wouldn’t be bad if not for the white flower—or maybe it’s a loofah—on the top of her head.