Lady Gaga’s New Album ‘Joanne’ Finds Strength After Pain

by Maggie Dickman

Lady Gaga’s New Album ‘Joanne’ Finds Strength After Pain

Lady Gaga has been shaping music ever since ‘The Fame.’ But it’s her fifth album, ‘Joanne,’ that proves she deserves her ranks among the best in music today.


It’s been three years since Lady Gaga last released a new album. Joanne is bringing a different side to the pop powerhouse that we haven’t seen before, and we absolutely love it.


Of course, Gaga hasn’t totally left her hit-making vibe behind, and with poppy tracks like “Perfect Illusion” and “Dancin’ In Circles” that we totally love. There’s also a folksy touch to her typical sound that we didn’t totally expect, but think is amazing. (Hello, Shania Twain vibes).


But even more than her previous records, there’s something deeply emotional that drives Joanne, and we love the album all the more because of it. She doesn’t shy away from anything, and in an interview with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, she says this record is a bare bones look at some of the emotional things that have affected her most.

“I think the sentiments and the stories on the album don’t have the makeup on. There’s no filter. This album goes right for the gut,” she told Lowe. “Taking that pain, turning it into strength. Taking that fear, turning into joy.”


And the “Just Dance” singer has been able to pull those serious themes into an album that means so much to her — and to us. Joanne is named after her aunt who passed away at 19 from a lupus flare up after a sexual assault, a deeply personal story she wanted to tell. Really, it’s a side of Lady Gaga that we needed to hear. The tracks have blown away any and every expectation, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from music’s leading lady.


“This album is about me embracing who I am,” Gaga told Lowe. “I had to go into the deepest pain in my life.”


Even more, Gaga brings the conversation further out than just her own life and experience, which makes it all the more inspiring. Tracks like “Angel Down,” which is penned about the senseless shooting of Trayvon Martin, are incredibly moving and prove the need for a change in things as big as the justice system.


“I was overwhelmed by the fact that people just stood around and didn’t do anything about it, and that the justice system continues to, over and over again, not seek justice for these families,” she told Lowe.


The album isn’t afraid to make these bold statements, and her little monsters are loving it as much as we are. If Joanne proves anything, it’s that Gaga is one of the most inspirational artists in the game today.






Trust us, and go listen now.