Leslie Jones Is More Excited Than You About the Olympics

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Leslie Jones Is More Excited Than You About the Olympics

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones posted a photo and video of herself on Twitter, depiciting herself getting hyped for the Rio Olympics.

Leslie Jones loves everything more than you will ever love anything. The Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star never does anything halfway, and it turns out that her Olympic pride is no exception.

Earlier this week, Jones took to social media, posting a photo to her Instagram account depicting herself decked out in head-to-toe Stars and Bars. But one photo will not get the job done; not for Leslie Jones. Lest you underestimate just how hyped she is to root for her country in the Games, Jones next took to Twitter, letting everybody know exactly who is coming for all the hardware:

Her tweets have continued throughout the Games' first week, each more hilarious than the next.

Jones has had a contentious time on social media in recent weeks, with a slew of hateful comments regarding the Ghostbusters remake getting so bad that she threatened to leave Twitter completely. But she quickly rebounded—you can't keep a good soul down—and might have landed herself a new gig along the way: In response to her hilarious live-tweeting of the events, NBC has invited Jones to come to Rio, on their dime.