Lindsay Lohan’s Strange Accent Will Have You Scratching Your Head

by Effie Orfanides

Lindsay Lohan’s Strange Accent Will Have You Scratching Your Head

Have you heard Lindsay Lohan’s new accent lately?


Lindsay Lohan is making headlines once again after a strange video of her surfaced. LiLo was at the opening of her new nightclub in Athens, Greece, on October 15 when she spoke to the media and revealed a new accent. The actress has been living in London for the past few years, but this accent was far from British. Apparently, the 30-year-old has made up her very own dialect — and she already has a name for it.


According to the Daily Mail, Lindsay Lohan explained her new accent with relative ease.


“It’s a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn. I’ve been learning different languages since I was a child. I’m fluent in English and French can understand Russian and am learning Turkish, Italian, and Arabic,” she explained.


In the video posted by Perez Hilton, Lindsay Lohan talked to reporters about opening her nightclub:


“I said maybe there is something for me to do more here so I have a reason to come back. My first time coming to Athens with Dennis, my friend, and that’s all he is my friend and business partner! But his mother became a very close person to me and his sister as well… When I went through hardships with my ex I really found ‘good family’ in these people from Greece. Just as I did in Turkey with refugees,” Lohan said in her new somewhat hard-to-understand accent. “So where people are scared of refugees and everything in the world, there’s a minimum, there’s a line of where we can make happiness and shine a light in every situation that is bad and make it good.”


“Whereas, in the past, I’ve been associated with nightclubs and clubbing I said why not do my own and make it a good place. Where there’s bad things happening in the world we can focus on the bad things and fix them with the club we can create charity with the club,” she added.


Social media has been lighting up with reaction to Lindsay Lohan’s new accent. Check out what some people are saying on Twitter.










Not only that, but in addition to her interesting new accent, there’s recently been plenty of speculation swirling around LiLo’s social media presence… or rather, the absence of it. Several theories have circulated about her hiatus, ranging from a simple digital detox to a full-on religious conversion.


Gossip rags began the guessing game in early 2017, when the star apparently deleted all of her photos and posts on Twitter and Instagram and changed her Insta account bio to read “Alaikum salaum,” an Arabic saying that translates to “Peace be unto you.”



While speculation of the Mean Girls actress’ exploration of various faiths began last year after she was photographed holding a copy of the Quran, her representatives have explained that this social media detox is a “period of renewal,” and she is working on “making positive changes in her life.”


Who knows what Lohan is up to lately, but we truly hope she enjoys going off the grid for now!