Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My! 16 Exotic Celebrity Pets

by Jennifer Lafferty

Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My! 16 Exotic Celebrity Pets

Celebrities are rarely traditional in any aspect of their lives, including the animals they keep as pets. While some of these pets are just a little unusual, like an uncommon dog breed, a surprising number of celebs have truly bizarre animal companions. From monkeys to octopi, here are the 16 most exotic celebrity pets.


Nicolas Cage



There was actually a practical reason for celebrity Nicolas Cage to add an octopus to his collection of pets, which already included two cobras. He said the octopus would help his acting. He wasn’t clear on exactly how…


Reese Witherspoon



Reese Witherspoon describes her pet donkeys—which she affectionately calles badonkadonks—as “docile and sweet,” but her neighbors were reportedly angry enough about the noise that they sent a letter of complaint.


Kristen Stewart



Kristen Stewart’s mom raises wolf-dog hybrids. The celebrity describes one named Jack as “really sweet,” and she says he falls at her feet. Wonder if she drew from these experiences for her scenes with the werewolf Jacob in The Twilight Saga?


George Clooney



George Clooney’s 300-pound pig Max was a high-profile celebrity pet who sometimes even accompanied the actor on interviews. When Max died after 18 years of companionship, Clooney didn’t replace him, leading to the assumption that this was one special pig.


Leonardo DiCaprio



Leonardo DiCaprio’s pet has a good chance of outliving him. The Sulcata tortoise, which was 10 years old when DiCaprio bought him in 2010, can easily live to be 80 and can grow to 200 pounds.


Paris Hilton



Baby Luv, a pet kinkajou owned by Paris Hilton, is deceptively cute. This nocturnal South American tree dweller packs quite a bite, once sending Paris to the ER with a bite to her arm.


Audrey Hepburn



When Audrey Hepburn was making the movie Green Mansions, one of her costars was a fawn named Pippin. The animal trainer suggested she take the baby deer home so it would be comfortable working with her. The two were together so much Pippin thought Hepburn was its mother.


Justin Bieber



It’s not surprising that rapper Jamal “Mally Mall” Rashid thought a good birthday gift for Justin Bieber would be a pet monkey. Too bad this capuchin named OG Mally was detained in Germany during Beiber’s tour because the paperwork to legalize him wasn’t done.


Mike Tyson



While many celebrities have a number of exotic pets, Mike Tyson’s are probably the most eclectic assortment. In addition to pigeons, he has also owned three Royal Bengal tigers, one of which appeared in The Hangover.


Megan Fox



Maybe there’s just a natural affinity between pigs and entertainers, but whatever the reason, these snouted mammals are popular among celebrities. Megan Fox’s Vietnamese Pot Belly pig named Smalls has had a real impact on her diet; she no longer eats pork.


Charlie Sheen



Exotic pets are in keeping with Charlie Sheen’s colorful image. The actor once owned a Chinese Water Dragon which he named Hopper Jr.





It seems that a plain ordinary dog isn’t enough for this celebrity. At a 2012 charity gala, Usher outbid Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr for a coveted Goldendoodle puppy, paying $12,000 for the golden retriever–poodle mix.


Kim Kardashian



Controversy is such a big part of Kim Kardashian’s life that even her pets can be hot topics. In 2009 the reality star was criticized for posting pictures of her rented chimp Suzy within days of a Connecticut woman being mauled by a crazed chimp.


Steven Tyler



If anyone could make friends with a raccoon, it’s Steven Tyler. Actually, domesticated raccoons can be as friendly as dogs. The rock star once told David Letterman that he went fishing with his pet raccoon on his shoulder every day.


Tori Spelling



It’s hard to say which is more surprising, that Tori Spelling has a pet chicken or that they’ve been known to dress alike. Spelling and her Bantam named Coco sported coordinating black ensembles and beads at the GLAAD Awards in 2011.


Nicole Kidman



Nicole Kidman admits she’s always wanted “a mix of weird animals,” and the alpacas on her farm are very exotic. Kidman thinks these fluffy camelids are pretty with their long eyelashes, and she said in 2010 that daughter Sunday Rose loved them.