Lolo Jones: The Most Eligible Bachelorette of The Olympics

by Ilyssa Panitz

With a self-proclaimed “low maintenance” attitude, a sense of humor (did you see her latest tweet about being on “the all-cheeseburger diet”?), and girl-next-door beauty, it’s no wonder Lolo Jones is one of America’s sweethearts. Did we mention she’s single, too? DivineCaroline sat down with the Olympian and found out first hand she’s just as charming as she is hot. She may not have medaled this year, but she’s set on getting to Rio in 2016 (and she’ll probably keep her portion of the spotlight until then as well).


Lolo Jones: The Most Eligible Bachelorette of The Olympics


DivineCaroline: Has it hit up yet that you just ran in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London?
Lolo Jones: I will say the first week was pretty intense. There were so many emotions plus the energy was booming from the village.


DC: So overall it was awesome?
LJ: This was a difficult journey for me because I wasn’t expected to make the team. When I did make the team I just said to myself, take advantage of every opportunity.


DC: I know the London Olympics did not end the way you wanted them to. Will that discourage you from going to Rio in 2016?
LJ: I knew before London that I was going to Rio. I know that because the average age for a hurdler to retire is 35-37. I have longevity and you know what I am glad all of this happened.


DC: Why?

LJ: It gives me fuel to light a bigger fire for the next four years.


DC: You are one tough cookie. Did those qualities come from your upbringing, which was living in a church basement and being raised by a single mom?
LJ:  My toughness came from examples set by my mom. Seeing my mom going from job to job to provide for me and five siblings showed me that her goal was to take care of her family. My goal was to get an Olympic medal. Her actions help mold my actions, which are determination will get you anything you want.


DC: As far as your beauty regime, how do you prepare for racing with so many eyes on you? Do you think about makeup?
LJ: On my eyes I like to apply a little mascara. I don’t want to look too rough, I am on camera ya know (laughs). Plus, I am single and someone might be watching.


DC: Do you have a routine before every race?
LJ: I have a whole routine. First I take a shower and apply deodorant. I  keep a journal and the first part I thank God for this opportunity. I also find myself drawing hurdles and then I visualize myself in that race and then I get focused to win.


DC: What gives you confidence before you race?
LJ: Shaving my legs makes me feel great. I am a low maintenance, which is probably why I am still single. If I had to pick one thing I love to have perfect it’d be my hair. I love it when it looks good.


DC: You keep making reference to being single. What qualities does a guy have to have to catch your eye?
LJ: A guy with good morals, a guy who is funny and someone that is a real gentleman. It is so hard to find a good gentleman nowadays.


DC: Another athlete?
JL: It might be hard to date another athlete because I know the pressures that come with the four year cycle. If I were to date another athlete it would have to be someone who does not have the same season as me. Both of us can’t be stressed out at the same time. It would be nice to support each other.


DC: A non-athlete maybe?
LJ: I am open to options so sure (laughs). Oh wait, maybe a singer. I have never dated a singer before.


DC: What about an actor?
LJ: Channing Tatum is pretty cute.