Lord of the Flings: Your Guide to Orlando Bloom’s Love Life

by Effie Orfanides

Lord of the Flings: Your Guide to Orlando Bloom’s Love Life

Certain guys in Hollywood seem to be dating a new girl as often as we try new restaurants. Singer-songwriter-serial dater John Mayer comes to mind for most, but it looks like he may have a challenger to the throne. English actor Orlando Bloom has dated quite a few famous ladies in his day.


Lindsay Lohan



Lindsay Lohan is one alleged stop on Orlando Bloom’s hook-up map. Or maybe they’re on each other’s sordid list, it depends on how you want to look at it. Either way, that’s the rumor.


Sienna Miller



Orlando Bloom and Sienna Miller were involved forever ago. And yet they were pretty flirtatious at a polo match in 2005, despite her being engaged to Jude Law at the time.


Kate Bosworth



Kate Bosworth is another name on Orlando Bloom’s roster. Many thought the two would end up getting married, but that didn’t happen. They were rumored to have split because Bloom spent too much time with his male friends. You might call that ironic…


Vanessa Lachey



Then there’s the rumored liaison our Legolas lothario had with Vanessa Lachey. The two allegedly hooked up after she — still Vanessa Minnillo at the time — interviewed him on the set of TRL, well before she was with current husband Nick Lachey.


Miranda Kerr



We should obviously count Orlando Bloom’s three-year marriage to Miranda Kerr. She gave birth to their son, Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom, in 2011, and we really hoped this union would last a lifetime. Sadly, no.


Liv Tyler



There’s a perpetual rumor that Lord of the Rings’ co-stars Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler got elfish with each other. Though not officially acknowledged, the flirty friends are known to get cozy on the reg when seen together.


Nina Dobrev



Nina Dobrev is another rumored passenger on the Orlando Bloom Love Express. Maybe he was getting in touch with his Lord of the Rings roots when they were spotted grinding and making out at a Comic Con party in 2014.


Luisa Moraes



More recently, Orlando Bloom was spotted with his lips on Brazilian actress and model Luisa Moraes. He wasn’t shy about having his hands all over her for a sushi date in Malibu.


Katy Perry



Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are currently more hot than cold. In Cannes, he kissed the girl and he liked it. Hopefully she won’t end up as “the one who got away.”


Selena Gomez



The final stop (for now, of course) on Orlando’s Tour of Love is his rumored rendezvous with 23-year-old siren Selena Gomez. Where did this go down? In Sin City itself, Las Vegas — where else? Days later, however, Bloom was back with Katy Perry. Strange, isn’t it?