Man Suffers Heart Attack, Laughing at Comedy Novel

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Man Suffers Heart Attack, Laughing at Comedy Novel

A man in Toronto, Canada, is recovering quietly at home, after suffering a mild heart attack. Richard Rhyno was reading a new novel called MFN, a comedic cultural satire written by his neighbor Jeffrey Alan Payne. Rhyno’s mood turned from hilarity to dire concern, when he experienced numbness in his face and arm.

His girlfriend, Karen O’Connor, was in the next room, “I heard him laughing, and the next thing I knew, he told me he had to go to the ER. He was having a heart attack.”

Rhyno was monitored overnight at Toronto East General Hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery, provided he follows doctors’ orders. 

“I have to stop smoking and take care of my blood pressure. My blood pressure’s been a little high for years,” he reported from his home in Toronto.

Whether it was a pre-existing condition, a lifestyle consequence, or too much fun all at once, Rhyno does contend that the book is very funny. In fact he admits that he has been laughing out loud at the story since he started reading it.

The author commented that he’s thankful that his neighbor’s condition has stabilized, “I think it’s still a bit early to put warning labels on the book, but I do hope that other people enjoy it as much as Richard seems to.”   

MFN is the story of two outrageous radio morning show personalities who find themselves in a career-ending crisis, after their offensive spoof of a gansta rap song is leaked onto a download site and becomes an international phenomenon.   

MFN is published in both paperback and e-book formats.