This Man’s Quest to Replace His Family Photos With Steve Buscemi is Perfect

by Chad Taylor

This Man’s Quest to Replace His Family Photos With Steve Buscemi is Perfect

Twitter user Clare Manion shows photographic proof of her brother’s quest to creep the bejeezus out of their mother using Steve Buscemi’s face.


In an ever-connecting world where the combined brilliance of human civilization is available to anyone at all times, you really need to step up your prank game to get noticed. In that regard, all we can do is offer up a slow clap to Twitter user Clare Manion’s brother. In a recent tweet, Manion revealed that her sadly unnamed sibling has been slowly replacing all of their family photos with images of Steve Buscemi.


First off, if you haven’t followed that last link yet, do it now, and make your day. And now, I’m going to explain to you all just why this is so darn brilliant. Think about your own home. Odds are pretty good that you have more than a couple pictures around the place. On bookshelves, hanging in the hallway, maybe on your night stand, next to your bed. But, once you have placed them, how often do you REALLY look at them? It’s not like we all make a habit of stopping and admiring every photo we have, every time we pass it. If you are anything like me, you might go weeks—maybe months—without paying close attention to the photos in your home. Heck, I could go home right now, find out that all of my photos have already been replaced with pictures of Steve Buscemi and have no idea when it happened or who did it!


Once you DO notice it? Think about how unnerving it would be to suddenly start seeing Steve Buscemi everywhere. Don’t get me wrong: Buscemi is a fantastic actor and good person. I loved Fargo. He was great in Boardwalk Empire. Did you know that he worked as a volunteer firefighter on 9/11? For real, y’all. So Steve Buscemi is completely fine… when you’re expecting him. But as a surprise? In your own home? Let’s just say that Buscemi does not sport your classic “leading man” looks. So when you look around your home and suddenly realize there are a dozen pair of Steve Buscemi eyes staring at you—and you don’t know how long they’ve been there—that, my friends, is some amazing prank work.