Marion Cotillard Introduced A Hysterical Product To Help Women Gain Respect

by Hannah Marsh

You need to know this actress for more than just Brangelina drama. Her Funny Or Die spoof has us laughing, but the issue behind it is not so hilarious.


The spotlight is on French actress and Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard now that her name has been dropped in the Brangelina divorce drama. But she’s way more than just an alleged Brad Pitt affair. This super talented star is a kickass feminist, and she made that clear in this throwback Funny or Die video about women in the workplace.


If male colleagues in your office struggle making eye contact and never take you seriously because they are seemingly focused on your all-too-distracting breasts, you absolutely need this new product that Cotillard has introduced: The Forehead Tittaes.


To gain respect, all you need to do is simply attach the adhesive, plastic breasts to your forehead and voila! You have yourself a foolproof way for men to ~almost~ look you in the eyes.