Michael Bublé Responds to Harsh Corn Criticism

by Rachel Weeks

Michael Bublé Responds to Harsh Corn Criticism

The internet called Michael Bublé on his corn-eating technique, and now he’s speaking out.


Award-winning recording artist/grown man Michael Bublé does not know how to eat corn, or so the internet says after an image of the modern-age crooner went viral this week. Pictured strolling through Disneyland with a corn on the cob in hand, Bublé appears to hesitantly bite down on the end of the cob as one would a popsicle or a corn dog. Uh… what?


The image delighted thousands after surfacing on a number of social media sites. But TechCrunch contributor Greg Kumparak was one of the first to call the Grammy-winner out, tweeting, “Next time you’re feeling down just remember that Michael Buble doesn’t know how to eat corn.”


With nearly 3,000 retweets on Kumparak’s tweet alone, it was about time that Bublé responded to his corn critics. “This is vegetable harassment !!!” the “Feeling Good” performer jokingly tweeted. “What I do with my Cobb is nobody’s business.”



While the tweet is hilarious and endearing—we especially love the #mesocorny hashtag—it doesn’t dispell any theories about Bublé’s corn confusion. In fact, it further proves Greg Kumparak’s assumption. Bublé spells “cob” like “Cobb” the salad or Ty “Cobb” the Baseball Hall-of-Famer. Whoops!


Of course, as celebrity photos go, this one is pretty mild, but it raises so many questions. Did the paparazzi capture Michael Bublé’s first corn encounter? Did anyone teach him proper corn cob etiquette? Can we expect a corny Bublé ballad any time soon? We need answers!