Millions of Pets are Being “Saved By” Tiffani Thiessen

by Ilyssa Panitz

Millions of Pets are Being “Saved By” Tiffani Thiessen

Although it’s been years since Tiffani Thieseen played the popular cheerleader Kelly Kapowski on the TV series “Saved By The Bell,” the actress still looks like she could be a student at Bayside High. How does Thiessen keep her teenage looks? While promoting a cause near and dear to her heart, we got Thiessen to share her little secrets.


DivineCaroline: What got you interested in becoming a spokesperson for Sergeant’s emBARK on Pets Health?
Tiffani Thiessen: Ever since I was really young I was always a lover of animals. In fact, my dad worked for the city by designing the landscapes for all of the public parks. Anyway, people got to know him and see what a warm heart he had so they would always leave these stray cats and dogs at our house. Pretty soon we became known as the home that housed all different animals.


DC: I assume it’s safe to say you are a pet owner?
TT: I have always had a pet and I have always owned dogs and cats my entire life. In fact, I currently own two dogs and a cat.


DC: Have you ever lost a pet that you were very attached to?
TT: Sadly, I have lost a few pets including my cat on the day my daughter Harper was born.


DC: That’s awful, I’m sorry.
TT: I was going into labor with my daughter when she was dying. I swear I think my cat knew what was happening and held on until I had my daughter. It was so surreal, special and sad all at the same time.


DC: How do you teach Harper about the responsibility of taking care of a pet?
TT: Now that Harper is getting older she gets it. In fact, when my husband feeds the dogs in the morning and Harper always says, “Daddy can I help?” She gets the dog bowl and helps feed Pearl and Buck, our dogs and throws the ball to them. It’s a real family collaboration.


DC: Sounds like having a pet is just like having another child?
TT: Absolutely. We make sure their teeth are clean; they are fed and go to the doctor. One of our dogs is a special needs dog and sadly he is at the vet more than he would like to be. But we hike them, take them to the park and make sure they get their exercise.


DC: You also star on the hit series, “White Collar,” which is now in its fourth season.
TT: Thank you we are really excited.


DC: What’s the one crime you think you are sly enough to commit and not get caught?
TT: Oh gosh…..WOW! This is a hard question (laughs)! I guess because our show focuses on cool crimes like stealing art and artifacts it would have to be cool, right?


DC: How would you describe your fashion style?
TT: Classic. While I do love a good trend every now and then I tend to stay in the classics.


DC: Has your style changed since you became a mom?
TT: Yes, I tend to think out of the box more and wear a lot more color, which is new for me because I am a black, white and gray kind of girl.


DC: What the one accessory you feel makes an outfit?
TT: My go to is a blazer! But to make an outfit, it has to be that one piece of jewelry that makes a statement.


DC: If I let you run lose in department store what’s the first section you’ll go to?
TT: Handbags. I don’t need time to think about that answer (laughs).


DC: What makes you feel sexy on the red carpet?
TT: A great pair of high heels or a strappy heel.


DC: Such has?
TT: Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, you name it the list is endless.


DC: What is your number one makeup tip for looking Hollywood fabulous?
TT: The one thing I always wear if I’m dropping Harper off at school or having a coffee meeting it is mascara.


DC: Do you have a skin-care routine?
TT: Yes, water, water, water and lots of sun screen. Plus, I also get facials every four weeks.