Molly Sims Gets Dealt A Winning Hand

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Molly Sims Gets Dealt A Winning Hand

Molly Sims hit the grand jackpot back in June of 2012 when she became a mom to her son Brooks. Since her little guy entered the world, the “Las Vegas” star has been enjoying the priceless fortune of hugs, smiles and story time. Recently, Sims took another big gamble by sitting next to Anderson Cooper on his daytime talk show "Anderson Live" and putting Anderson’s guests in the hot seat. After the studio faded to black, we caught up with the beautiful actress and got the scoop on how to get her glam look.

DivineCaroline: Tell me what it was like to co-host with Anderson Cooper?
Molly Sims: It was a bit intimidating because he is such a man of the news plus he’s so intelligent. Anderson is a real force to be reckoned with. But I have to say, I had so much fun with him and get such a kick out of his dry sense of humor. Anderson also comes from a real good place of honesty, which a quality I greatly admire.

DC: You are trained to prepare for the roles you are cast for. Did you also prepare for this one?
MS: The good thing about being live is a lot can go wrong but a lot can also go right. In terms of what is happening in the news, I will confess I have been reading and studying what’s going on in the world a bit more than I normally do. (laughs)

DC: You are always dressed for success. How would you describe your fashion style?
MS: It has become more of a classic look and I have to say, it’s gotten simpler over the years too. However, I am trying to change that by going a little bit more-funky and out of the box. Between being pregnant and then becoming a mom I really feel like I have been out of it for two years.

DC: Has your fashion style changed since you became a mom?
MS: Oh yes. For starters you put on weight when you are pregnant and the items I used to love wearing like my favorite jeans, I couldn’t for a while. Instead, I was finding myself wearing yoga pants all of the time.

DC: As a working mom who is on the go, how to you avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy eating?
MS: I cook on Sunday and make meals like two and three batches of soups for the week. I am known to make cauliflower or carrot soup, which is both healthy and simple. I tend to not use a lot of ingredients in the foods I prepare because the more simple you make it the healthier it is for your body.

DC: What’s on your menu?
MS: Instead of using bread I wrap turkey in Romaine lettuce with a little vinaigrette. I do like almonds and tend to eat more than I probably should (laughs). I also love humus and a glass of wine! You can’t stop living, right?  

DC: Are you following an exercise plan?
MS: Yes. I mix it up all the time by doing walking, running, yoga or Tracy Anderson. Anything that makes you sweat and is fun to do is a great way to stay in shape.

DC: Share with me your nubmer one make-up tip?
MS: Cleaning. I love these Ponds Towelettes because they get off all of the make-up and also help remove excess dirt. I also use foundation with a light moisturizer and a shimmer.  

DC: Describe the look that makes you feel sexy?
MS: Having my hair blown out with a little bit of a curl.

DC: Whose look do you greatly admire?
MS: I love Sarah Jessica Parker and the chances that she takes. I think Jessica Biel always looks classy. Jessica Alba always looks fun and youthful with her knack for mixing her scarves, bags and jeans. I also love Jennifer Garner for her realness. I mean here is a girl who is constantly being followed and she never loses sight of who she is.

DC: Aside from being a Fashionista you are also a mom to a baby boy. How is mommyhood treating you?
MS: It is good. He is starting to crawl and stand. It’s like opening a Christmas present everyday. I have been so lucky to see so many different stages in my son’s life. It is by far the best thing I have ever done in my life.

DC: On-screen you were pregnant with Josh Duhamel’s baby, while you both starred on “Las Vegas.” He too is about to enter the parenthood club. Have you given him any advice?
MS: I was so happy when we got the call because he and Fergie were trying for a long time. He is going to be a fantastic dad and I know this because he has always wanted children. Josh has lots of nieces and nephews and always has fun with them. Between Josh being so excited and Fergie at a good place in her career, the timing was so perfect for them. They are going to make great parents.