The Most Eccentric Celebs in Hollywood

by Jennifer Lafferty

The Most Eccentric Celebs in Hollywood

Eccentric celebrities have always had a place in show business, but some of these entertainers stand out as much for their eccentricities as for their talent. While many of these celebs, like Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore, have become less eccentric over time, others, like Gary Busey, have provided fans with a lifetime of colorful and wacky behavior.





Johnny Depp



If he wasn’t a little eccentric himself, Johnny Depp probably wouldn’t be so convincing playing offbeat characters. Depp revealed last year that his own daughter, Lily-Rose, thinks he’s weird, and he admitted that she’s right.





Shia LaBeouf



From frequent public intoxication to his interpretive dancing efforts, Shia LaBeouf is undeniably eccentric. Among the celeb’s most bizarre stunts so far was when he recently spent three days in a movie theater, with strangers, watching his own films.





Drew Barrymore



Now a relatively down-to-earth wife and mom, it’s taken Drew Barrymore years to live down her famously eccentric youth. But to some, she’ll always be the girl who flashed David Letterman on-air during an impromptu striptease.





Christoph Waltz



Known for playing a wide range of memorably eccentric characters, Oscar award-winner Christoph Waltz has occasionally exhibited some quirky behavior of his own, like staying in character during a Q&A session for his 2014 drama Big Eyes.





Marlon Brando



Marlon Brando is a legendary eccentric whose unusual persona often overshadowed his amazing talent. His unconventional behavior included tantrums on the set, fathering 11 children, and sending Native American Sacheen Littlefeather to decline his Oscar on political grounds.





Vanessa Hudgens



Actress-singer Vanessa Hudgens expresses her eccentric side through her personal style as a leader of alternative fashion. With her wildly boho clothing, body art, and imaginative manicures, Hudgens is one celeb with a truly unique look.





Alan Cumming



From his distinctive voice to his sometimes outrageous sense of humor and colorful parties, actor Alan Cumming is a one-of-a-kind celeb. He is known as much for his fun-loving lifestyle as his impressive talent.





Russell Crowe



The fact that Russell Crowe once recorded a song titled I Just Want to Be Like Marlon Brando makes sense, considering that the highly talented and eccentric Crowe, with his bad boy reputation, is often compared to Brando.





Angelina Jolie



Angelina Jolie doesn’t do anything halfway, including her eccentric phase. She publicly open-mouth–kissed her brother, wore vials of blood, and had a wacky marriage to Billy Bob Thornton. Despite her conservative reinvention, Jolie can still be quirky.





Craig Ferguson



Anyone who has watched Scottish-born comedian/TV host Craig Ferguson entertain a crowd can see he has a wildly eccentric sense of humor. Further proof of his eccentricity can be found in the zany books he has written.





Jeff Goldblum



Another celeb with a long-standing reputation for being quirky is Jeff Goldblum. Just one example of the actor’s eccentric side is his foray into music, including his fun, offbeat jazz bar concerts, which are largely improvised.





Greta Garbo



Her reputation as a recluse and a temperamental actress helped shape the provocative image of Swedish icon Greta Garbo, one of the first eccentric film stars, which continues to be a major part of her legacy.





Gary Busey



Known as an oddball who can act, Gary Busey is as eccentric as they come. He recently reminded fans of just how wacky he can be with his very memorable stint competing on season 21 of Dancing with the Stars.





Nicolas Cage



Notoriously over-the-top, Nicolas Cage is known for going to extremes, from crazy spending sprees to shocking actions for movie roles. He also had a well-publicized Elvis fixation during which he coincidentally (or maybe not) married Lisa Marie Presley.





Helena Bonham Carter



Helena Bonham Carter clearly appreciates eccentric acting roles and offbeat fashion. In 2006 she became more involved in fashion by cofounding the clothing line The Pantaloonies, which customized jeans based on how customers answered questions about their favorite films.





Charlie Sheen



Charlie Sheen is the very definition of outrageous. Even during his more sober, conservative times when he isn’t part of a headline-grabbing scandal or raving about tiger’s blood, Sheen is, to say the least, quite a character.





Joaquin Phoenix



Only someone as talented and popular as Joaquin Phoenix could get away with some the antics he has pulled over the years, such as his “retirement” from acting, his weird Letterman interview, and the fame-trashing mockumentary I’m Still Here.