The Most Face-Palm Examples Of Mansplaining On The Internet

by Hannah Marsh

The Most Face-Palm Examples Of Mansplaining On The Internet

Don’t believe that mansplaining is a real problem? We’ve pulled together some of the worst (and most hilarious!) examples to prove how prevalent the issue is.


Ever been in a room with a guy when he starts going on about something that he may or may not know anything about? Ever been talked to like a child because some man just automatically assumes his knowledge surpasses yours on any given topic? Ladies, as we know, there’s a real life name for this incredibly demeaning (and extremely annoying) occurrence, and it’s called, “mansplaining.”





While the term wasn’t coined until the past few years, it’s a concept that has been around since before even social media. Even English poet Wendy Cope wrote a poem on mansplaining before anyone had any idea of what it was.




This entire concept is an issue because it fully supports the stereotypical gender assumptions that women are more ignorant and less intelligent than men. However, you might be surprised (and also disgusted) to learn that it’s not just us averagely intelligent people who find ourselves in these frustrating situations. Women with doctorate degrees in astrophysics…




…college professors…








…and even real life astronauts aren’t immune to these egotistical men and their rants (which are later deleted when they’re publicly shamed).


Seriously, we can’t possibly make this stuff up, people. Sometimes, these kind of men even dig themselves into a hole all on their own, like in this hilarious (and somewhat pathetic!) conversation with advice columnist and author, Amy Dickinson (@AskAmy).




While it’s obnoxious having to deal with the seemingly-endless mansplanations, some women have a little extra fun while simultaneously drawing attention to the issue at hand.




An honest-to-goodness explanation of something you have a degree or background in is one thing. Patronizing a woman on something you know little about simply because you feel that your worldly knowledge far outweighs hers (whether that’s consciously or subconsciously) is another (problematic) situation entirely, and there is an extremely fine line between the two.


Still confused? Check out this flowchart that explains exactly when it is acceptable to “explain the thing to the lady.” (Spoiler alert: It’s not very often).




In a hilarious display of irony, this Twitter flowchart against mansplaining, got mansplained.




Sigh. It’s beyond tough being a woman on the internet.