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10 Reasons Why Halloweentown Needs To Be Real

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10 Reasons Why Halloweentown Needs To Be Real

It's the 18th anniversary of Halloweentown, so it's the perfect time to celebrate everything wonderful about the fictional town. From skeleton cabbies to giant pumpkins, Halloweentown has magic for everyone.

Halloween is creeping upon us, which means styling your costumes to perfection and indulging on Halloween movie after Halloween movie. I like a good horror film this time of year, but there's nothing quite like revisiting Halloween movies of Octobers past.

Obviously, one of the greatest Halloween movies ever made is Halloweentown. It's the perfect brew of cheesy family drama and coming-of-age tale. Don't believe me? There's even a town in Oregon that celebrates the movie every year! So here are 10 reasons why Halloweentown deserves to be at the top of your must-watch (and must-live) list.

1. In Halloweentown, It's Always Autumn

Crisp weather, pretty leaves, and giant pumpkins. Who wouldn't want to be in a town that's always the best season of the year!?



2. Aggie Is the Coolest Lady Ever

Not only is Grandma Aggie chic AF, but she always encourages her grandkids to embrace being different. We need more Aggies in the world.



3. Marnie Knows What She Wants (Sort Of)

Sure, Marnie runs away from home to chase her amazing grandma to Halloweentown, but you can't fault a girl for seeking adventure. She's only 13, and she's ready to spread her wings and learn a bit more about who she is and where she came from. Major props.



4. Skeleton Cabbies Exist

What screams Halloween more than a talking skeleton? How chill would it be to live in a place where skeletons are just like regular people tryna make ends meet by driving witches around town.



5. Weird Is the New Normal

Weirdos, rejoice! In Halloweentown, weird stuff is cherished. No, it's celebrated! All pumpkin heads and trolls are welcome.



6. Casual Witches' Brew Is a Thing

No one knows what Aggie is making here, but it looks cool. Is that baking soda she's pouring in there? Maybe. But that just proves witches are just like us.



7. Peace and Inclusion

This one speaks for itself. A place where everyone lives together in harmony no matter what they look like? Amazing. (At least, it was amazing until Kalabar tried to screw everything up.)



8. Aggie Can Kind Of Fly

If I haven't yet proved to you that witches are cool, just look at Aggie floating from a school bus! This is the essence of cool and casual.



9. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Despite the obstacles the Cromwell witches face at the beginning of the movie, the whole family comes together to defeat Kalabar in the end and save Halloweentown from a scary, non-inclusive fate.



10. Halloweentown Is Home

You can leave; you can stay. But Halloweentown will always be there, eternally spooky, waiting to welcome you back.