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10 Television Shows to Watch on Netflix This Winter

by Emily Grace

10 Television Shows to Watch on Netflix This Winter

Grab your fluffiest blanket and Netflix password. We have the 10 best TV series to watch this winter covered!


Winter is the best time to bundle up indoors, which also means you have the most time to take up new hobbies. Some may choose books or crafts, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy indulging in new (or old) television shows now and again. Get ready to fall in love, solve crimes, and become part of the family with these 10 TV shows, all on Netflix for your bingeing convenience!




1. Parenthood
If you haven’t already seen this classic family-centric drama, it’s a definite must. You’ll feel like a part of the family, and also learn a thing or two about the autism spectrum.




2. Scandal
Again, a classic to most, this thrilling political drama is a great conversation starter. Plus, who can resist Olivia Pope’s style?




3. Friends
Watch or rewatch your favorite group of New Yorkers take on the trials and tribulations of life. It’s a feel-good series that’ll have you clapping along!


Parks and Recreation


4. Parks & Recreation
Leslie Knope is just about the most inspiring woman you’ll meet via screen, and this show is great for weeks where your productivity is at an all-time low.


New Girl


5. New Girl
The latest season is in full swing and will lift you right out of the winter blues. Start at the beginning or anywhere, really—Jess and her gang are entertaining enough that it doesn’t matter.




6. Bloodline
A Netflix original filled with family drama, suspense, and a bed-and-breakfast in the Keys, it has all the fixings for a binge-worthy time.


Friday Night Lights


7. Friday Night Lights
America’s favorite coach never ceases to fail us, and the small Texas town tugs at the heartstrings of anyone from a less-than-urban background.


White Collar


8. White Collar
It seems like a simple setup: genius criminal given a second chance by the FBI. But Neal Caffrey and his beautiful blue eyes craft a cunningly clever plot that will have your mind reeling in no time.




9. Grey’s Anatomy
While it may be a bit depressing at times, Shonda Rhimes has created one of the most complex, emotionally wrenching series in television history. Have a tissue box handy–it’s worth the tears.




10. Lost
Even if you didn’t tune in to this show in the late 2000s, its suspense and survival will still give you goosebumps. Follow this unlikely gang as they discover a less-than-deserted island.


What are some of your favorite binge-worthy television shows? Anything we missed?