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11 Reasons Why Zac Efron Needs To Be Celebrated Every Day

by Bethany Lozier

11 Reasons Why Zac Efron Needs To Be Celebrated Every Day

When the going gets you down, just remember Zac Efron exists.

As far as ideal men go, well, there are few and far between out there. But luckily for us mere mortals, there is at least one shining example of male perfection among us –– and his name is Zac Efron.

You may recognize him from the massively popular High School Musical film series, Hairspray, or maybe you just know him by his jaw-droppingly good looks. Either way, we’re not judging.

<!– iframe –>We often ask ourselves how one person can embody so many exponentially wonderful traits (he can sing AND dance, hello), and while we have no concrete answers at this point in time, we’re so blessed to share this planet with the one and only Zefron. Thus, we’ve compiled several reasons why we must celebrate Zac Efron’s existence every day. We may not be perfect, but he certainly is, and we’ve got the proof.

1. He Is Literally Troy Bolton

Who else can flitter and flut across a golf course with such poise? No one.

<!– iframe –>2. He Rocks Nail Art For A Good Cause

Efron stands up for violence against children with one polished finger — as if we couldn’t admire him more.

3. His Dance Moves Are Other-Wordly

His role as Link Larkin in Hairspray cemented his reputation as the dancing king, in our opinion.

<!– iframe –>4. He Even Looks Good As A Tween Girl

We can’t even compete with this.

<!– iframe –>5. His Tears Melt Hearts Everywhere

Whenever you’re feeling low, crying along with Zefron is said to be extremely therapeutic (we’re not doctors, but we’re pretty sure about this one).

<!– iframe –>6. He’s Competitive AF

We’ll let him fight for our hearts any day of the week. Who doesn’t love a man with fiery determination?

<!– iframe –>7. His Sense of Humor Is Second To None

We’d don ridiculous wigs if it meant we’d get to shake and shimmy next to him, TBH.

<!– iframe –>8. Did We Mention He Can SING

Again, he is both Troy Bolton and Link Larkin, so no one should be surprised about this one.

9. He Flew To Rio To Meet Simone Biles

Upon hearing about the Olympic gymnast’s crazy big crush on him, he surprised her on The Today Show along with the rest of the Final Five. Be. Still. Our. Beating. Hearts.

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10. He Never Forgets His HSM Roots

HSM is love, HSM is life, and Efron won’t even forget it (and neither will we).

11. He Might Be The Most Beautiful Human Being On The Face Of The Earth

And he shares our undying love for pizza. Zac Efron, can we marry you right now?

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