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12 Classic Movies That Desperately Need an All-Female Remake

by Rachel Weeks

12 Classic Movies That Desperately Need an All-Female Remake

With male-dominated classics like Ocean’s Eleven and Ghostbusters being remade with female casts, it stands to reason that other movies could be next on the list! Here are our top choices for femme remakes.





If classic all-male comedies like Ghostbusters can have successful remakes with a female-dominated cast, why can’t Caddyshack? We’d love to see these beloved characters re-imagined as more feminine counterparts. Of course, it will be tough to replace Bill Murray as kooky greenskeeper Carl Spackler.


The Sandlot



No ’90s kid’s childhood was complete without The Sandlot, but The Sandlot didn’t seem perfectly complete without any significant female characters. Gender-swapped Sandlot? Yes, please! It would be nice to have more than one movie where a group of young, athletic girls get to be in the spotlight. (We see you A League of Their Own. Killin’ it, girl.)


Men In Black



While there is rumor of a woman in black playing a significant role in an upcoming fourth installation of the sci-fi series, nothing has been confirmed officially. We’d love to see a partnership like Kay and Jay’s with a femme fatale duo. Does anyone have Helen Mirren’s number?


The Lord of the Rings



The Lord of the Rings is more than just a movie classic; it’s a classic classic, but we can’t help thinking that it’s short about nine strong female characters. We need more Gwendoline Christie (Brienne a la Game of Thrones) in our lives, and this would be the perfect opportunity to let her shine.


The Hangover



Arguably if you gender-swapped The Hangover, you would get something like Bridesmaids, but who would object to a little more Bridesmaids? I mean, bachelorette parties get just as drunk and crazy as their bachelor counterparts!


Reservoir Dogs



Picture six glamorous jewelry thieves: Ms. White, Orange, Blonde, Pink, Blue, and Brown. They get tangled in a violent heist-gone-wrong and grow to suspect each other. Come on. That’s a great movie.


12 Angry Men



12 Angry Men is well overdue for another remake, and if a jury can be stacked with 12 angry, white men, then it can be stacked with all women as well! We’d love to see a group of diverse, politically engaged women fighting for crime and justice.


Lord of the Flies



Why are islands inhabitated by children only full of boys? Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Lord of the Flies, all boys. I demand an island of feral girls, turning to savagery to keep each other—and themselves—alive. We could call it Lady of the Flies!


Star Trek



So Star Trek was never an exclusively male cast, but we’d still love to see a mostly female ship crew exploring the outstretches of the galaxy together. Can we get Robin Wright on as a ship captain?


Office Space



The infinitely quotable office comedy Office Space is ripe for remaking—it has been almost 20 years since it came out—and we’d love to see a female-driven office comedy take over the big screen. Kristen Schaal has been ready for leading comedic role since forever; maybe it’s time she catches a case of the Mondays.


Stand By Me



A coming of age, a loss of innocence, a tale of friendship, Stand By Me is the ultimate childhood adventure, for boys anyway. But how cute would it be as an all-female remake?





It may not necessarily be historically accurate, but why can’t mobsters be women? Can’t we have a Goodladies? Or a Goodbellas even? We’d certainly get behind a group of violent, badass women, running the city’s seedy underbelly with force.