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12 Documentaries For Your Inner Conspiracy Theorist

by Alisha Humiston

12 Documentaries For Your Inner Conspiracy Theorist
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Ditch the boring documentaries for these thrilling conspiracy theory documentaries. Discover a different side of the stories you’ve been told time and time again.


Everyone knows about the common conspiracy theories including Bigfoot and Area 51. However, there are countless conspiracy theories that are considered to be more convincing or taboo such as secret societies and the assassination of JFK. Venture to the alternative side of what you’ve previously learned. You’re the detective when it comes to these documentaries, what do you think is the truth?


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This Netflix original documentary started streaming only a few weeks ago, and it's already igniting some crazy ideas. The premise of the documentary is that the 13th Amendment, while abolishing slavery, allowed for loopholes that encourage arresting people en masse today, leading America to have the highest rates of imprisonment of any nation in the world.

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Who Took Johnny


Got milk? Johnny Gosch was the first missing child to appear on the milk carton. Get your investigative fix and look into the case for yourself with this documentary covering the disappearance of an Iowan paper boy.

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Secret Societies


Uncover the truth behind the different societies that have come to be over time. This documentary focuses on the history of the Freemasons, Illuminati and various other cults and groups. This film is sure to make you start questioning everything you thought you knew.

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JonBenet Ramsey


Whodunit? CBS looks into the 20-year-old case of the unexplained disappearance of child beauty pageant contestant JonBenet Ramsey. This episode series reviews the case, as well as doing their own research to get to develop some crazy theories revolving around a piece of pineapple. Since being aired, CBS is in the process of being sued by JonBenet Ramsey's older brother, Burke.

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Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove


It's been thought that for countless years the country's elite meet at a secret club known as Bohemian Grove in the Redwood Forest for a sort of ritual and meeting. No one had proof of this gathering until Alex Jones, an outsider of the group, filmed a ceremony being performed here. This footage speaks for itself, and it may be just a little to much to handle.

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Bilderburg'$ Club


Does money really buy happiness, or is that just power? This documentary investigates the power of the wealthy. It's been speculated that this group formed from money and privilege is now holding immense power. This film lifts the veil and uncovers the various instances this group has manipulated for their own benefits.

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Making a Murderer


Steven Avery was convicted for a crime he did not commit, but after being released he was once again put behind bars. This time it was for the murder of a 25-year-old woman last seen on his property. This Netflix series was created to show the investigation and evidence for the case. After watching, what do you think should be the verdict?

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Zeitgeist: The Movie


This documentary covers a slew of controversial topics including the 9/11 attacks, a single world bank, and religion. See how some of these topics can influence one another and how they are thought to have happened. The ultimate, well-rounded film that will leave you wanting more…answers that is.

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The Imposter


"Frederic Bourdin," the relative of a Texas family looking for their missing loved one, reappears across the ocean in Spain and claims to be the missing Texan. Is he really who he says he is?

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Unsealed: Conspiracy Files


Uncover the truth that was thought to have been lost in the past. This film reviews past events with new information that was released after the passage of the Freedom of Information Act. This is the one time where closing the yearbook is overrated.

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Beware the Slenderman


Slenderman is a phenomenon that has been around for years, but after a stabbing in 2014, more people became more aware of the fictional horror figure. Fair warning: You will be paranoid for several days after watching this one. While some of these can absolutely be written off as a little bit crazy, others will definitely have you wondering. Leave us a comment with your favorite conspiracy documentaries!