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14 Badass Actresses We Want to Be the Next James Bond

by Rachel Weeks

14 Badass Actresses We Want to Be the Next James Bond

In the fifty years since James Bond was brought to life, he has been played by many different actors—Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig—but the iconic 007 role has never been played by a woman. However, after Gillian Anderson suddenly appeared on a fan-made Skyfall poster, the internet is starting to consider a female Bond. Here are 14 actresses that we think could fill the role.


Gillian Anderson



Considering it was the suggestion of Gillian Anderson that started this whole thing, we have to agree that the X-Files actress has what it takes to play the British super spy. We already know Anderson can play a convincing agent, now we just have to swap the name Scully for Bond.


Priyanka Chopra



Quantico star Priyanka Chopra has also thrown her hat into the 007 ring. When Complex asked if she’d ever considered playing a Bond girl, Chopra replied, “F— that— I wanna be Bond.” It wouldn’t be the first time Chopra’s filled a role intended for a man. Her part in the upcoming Baywatch film was originally male.


Emily Blunt



Lovable British actress Emily Blunt would also be a good choice to play “Jane Bond.” While she wasn’t always an obvious action star choice, Blunt has more recently proven her prowess in badass movies like Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario.


Emilia Clarke



We know this charming British actress best for her role as mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, but Clarke has also played ass-kicking Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys. She’s well prepared for all of the CGI work action movies require, having practiced cradling green-screen dragons and fighting alongside robot warriors.


Cate Blanchett



While Cate Blanchett doesn’t have all the action chops other actresses might have, she does have the natural poise, wit, and control of a typical Bond character. Plus, the British actress would look so perfect drinking the iconic dry martini, “shaken not stirred.”


Krysten Ritter



As long as we’re taking the Bond franchise in a new direction, might as well go all the way. While Krysten Ritter doesn’t have the typical British background of a Bond actor, she has all kinds of experience with stunts and spunk. It’s possible that we’re getting off track a bit. We’re just really excited for the next season of Jessica Jones.


Jodie Foster



Okay, so Jodie Foster isn’t British either, but she would make such a great Bond. We’d love to see her go back to her agent roots, this time on the other side of the pond.


Carey Mulligan



Carey Mulligan has never been much of the action hero type, but we’d love to see her brandishing some high-tech gadgets in a stunning formal gown. We think the British actress would be perfect to play a seductive, cool-under-pressure agent like Bond.


Felicity Jones



It might be too late to cast English actor Felicity Jones in another blockbuster franchise like James Bond, seeing as she’s already been snapped up to play Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. Jones would be perfect for running across the top of a moving train or speeding a European sports car across the English countryside.


Hayley Atwell



English actress Hayley Atwell is already a fixture in the Marvel franchises, playing 1940s agent Peggy Carter in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Captain America. But perhaps it’s time for Atwell to play an agent from this century, 007 to be more specific.


Kate Beckinsale



British action movie veteran Kate Beckinsale is a perfectly obvious choice to play a gender-swapped James Bond. Come on, she’d be great.


Rachel Weisz



While it is a little awkward that Rachel Weisz is married to the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, we still think Weisz would be an innovative and spectacular choice for the role. And how cool would that be? A husband-and-wife 007 team? We’d watch it.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw



While Gugu Mbatha-Raw is still relatively unknown in the United States, Mbatha-Raw is a perfect up-and-coming choice for the iconic Bond character. With a significant role in 2016’s Free State of Jones, the English actress is perfectly poised to star in a huge franchise.


Rosamund Pike



Rosamund Pike has everything it takes to be the next great 007. If the British actress could channel just a little bit of her Gone Girl performance into Bond, she’s sure to be legendary.