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15 Celebrities Share Their Favorite Classic Films

by Jennifer Lafferty

15 Celebrities Share Their Favorite Classic Films

Some of the biggest classic film buffs are none other than today’s hottest celebs. While movie trends and techniques have changed significantly over the past few decades, the individuals who are part of the modern film industry—even young stars like Abigail Breslin and Elizabeth Olsen—appreciate movies from bygone eras. Check out the favorite classic films of these 15 popular actors.


Kristen Bell



One of Kristen Bell’s favorite films is 1960 dramedy The Apartment, starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. It centers on a man who falls for his boss’s mistress after agreeing to lend executives his apartment for romantic trysts.


Robert Pattinson



The psychological comedy-drama One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, starring Jack Nicholson, was a groundbreaking critical and commercial hit when it premiered in 1975. It continues to be popular with movie fans, including actor Robert Pattinson.


Drew Barrymore



The romantic dramedy Annie Hall may be the defining masterpiece of filmmaker Woody Allen, and is among Drew Barrymore’s favorite films. Allen stars alongside Diane Keaton as an offbeat couple who have a memorable love affair.


Bradley Cooper



The 1940 romantic comedic farce The Shop Around the Corner stars Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan as co-workers who don’t get along, but unknowingly fall in love when they become pen pals. While you might prefer the 1998 Meg Ryan update, this classic film is Bradley Cooper’s favorite.


Emily Blunt



Popular actress Emily Blunt seems to be a genuine classic movie lover, naming several iconic 1970s films as her favorites — including the thriller Jaws, starring Roy Scheider, who was a crush of Blunt’s.


Tom Hanks



Considering one of Tom Hanks’ most popular films was Apollo 13, it seems fitting that he is a big fan of the memorable 1968 astronaut thriller 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Charlize Theron



One of Charlize Theron’s favorite films was among director Alfred Hitchcock’s biggest successes. The 1954 mystery thriller Rear Window stars Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly and is about a voyeur who suspects one of his neighbors of murder.


Johnny Depp



When you think of all the fantasy flicks Johnny Depp has starred in, like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Alice in Wonderland, it’s not surprising that one of Depp’s favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz.


Amy Adams



Amy Adams is another celeb who loves The Wizard of Oz, but the actress also counts Hitchock’s Vertigo and the epic Gone with the Wind as her favorite movies. Her collection of classics must be as diverse as it is entertaining.


Rosario Dawson



Rosario Dawson names one of Marilyn Monroe’s more poignant films, The Misfits, costarring Clark Gable, as a favorite film. This emotionally compelling 1961 drama was written by Monroe’s third husband and renowned playwright Arthur Miller.


Vin Diesel



A number of celebs love Gone with the Wind, but it’s a little surprising to hear it from manly action star Vin Diesel, who says this 1939 melodrama starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable is his favorite movie.


Salma Hayek



Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, starring Gene Wilder, is Salma Hayek’s favorite movie. This 1971 musical about a poor boy who wins a tour of an eccentric factory and a lifetime supply of chocolate remains a timeless tale.


Abigail Breslin



It seems that actress Abigail Breslin has varied taste when it comes to classic movies. Among her favorites are the 1944 family musical Meet Me in St. Louis and the creepy 1962 thriller Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?


Seth MacFarlane



Seth MacFarlane has a flair for irreverent comedy, but he appears to have a soft spot in his heart for sweet, sentimental musicals, calling The Sound of Music his favorite movie.


Elizabeth Olsen



One of Elizabeth Olsen’s favorite films is the 1953 romantic comedy classic Roman Holiday, about an adventure-seeking princess (Audrey Hepburn) who falls for an American journalist when she runs away from her guardians during a trip to Rome.