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15 Characters We Can’t Wait to See in Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory

by Alyssa K. Priebe

15 Characters We Can’t Wait to See in Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory

Thirteen years later, we’re finally getting the sequel we’ve been waiting for. The question on everyone’s mind: is it going to live up to the original? Well, with this all-star list of characters announced, let’s just say our hopes are high!


Finding Dory is one of the most anticipated films of 2016. We don’t know much except that it stars our favorite forgetful blue tang fish on an adventure to find her long-last family, which causes her to end up in the Marine Life Institute. Sure we don’t know everything, but Disney did give us a little sneak peek into the characters and we just had to share. So many new characters. So many new personalities. So many new one-liners! AH! OK, lets “meet” them.



Hank the “Septopus”

Image from Disney Pixar


Voiced by: Ed O’Neill
Well, technically he’s an octopus—however, this guy lost a tentacle which doesn’t make him very happy. Seriously, if octopi had bones, his funny one would be broken.


The Otters

Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Otters

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Unknown
Okay, so we don’t know much about the otters except they may be cuter than little Squishy. Yup, we said it. Lately, though, cute has meant devilish for Disney, so who knows; maybe these adorable critters have evil intentions.


Becky the Loon

Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Becky

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Torbin Bullock
Yes, there’s a loon in this film. Even better, the character is said to be “off-beat” and “kooky”a literal loon. Oh Disney, we bow to you, master of puns.


Rudder and Fluke the Sea Lions

Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Rudder and Fluke

Image from Disney Pixar



Voiced by: Dominic West and Idris Elba
We can’t wait to see how Disney Pixar plans to incorporate lazy sea lions into the film. Plus, with West and Elba bringing these two characters to life, the film’s good fate is almost certain.




Bailey the Beluga Whale

Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Bailey

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Ty Burrell
Another creature with a bit of a mental issue, this whale seems to think his sonar skills are deteriorating. Can Dory help him? We hope so. We also hope for some intense whale speaking. *Fingers crossed*


Destiny the Whale Shark

Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Destiny

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Kaitlin Olson
Modeled after the largest fish in the sea, this clumsy girl is sure to swim right into your heart. Apparently she suffers from poor eyesight; hmm, we’re starting to sense a pattern… Could there be an underlying message in this film?


Charlie and Jenny aka Dory’s Parents

Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Dory

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton
GUYS! We get to meet them! They’re a pair of strong parents trying to teach their optimistic daughter how to navigate the world with her faulty memory; but how did they separate from her? Where are they now? Are they alive? (They better be.) SO MANY QUESTIONS!


Returning Characters:

Of course we are excited to meet new characters, however the return of a few of our favorites has us bubbling with excitement.

Mr. Ray

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Bob Peterson
Think you can name the zones of the ocean sea? Better start practicing, you don’t want to disappoint the teacher.


Crush and Squirt

Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Crush and Squirt

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Andrew Stanton and Bennett Dammann
They so totally rock! Right? Give me some fin!


Nemo and Marlin

Disney-Pixar Finding Dory Nemo and Marlin

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Hayden Rolence and Albert Brooks
A new voice for Nemo may throw things off, but we still can’t wait to see how their father-son relationship developed after the last adventure.

…and of course we couldn’t forget (though she might)


Disney-Pixar Finding Dory

Image from Disney Pixar

Voiced by: Ellen DeGeneres
You fell in love with her sunny persona in Finding Nemo, now get ready to watch her reunite with old friends and make new ones in her latest aquatic adventure.

Want to know more about the film? Check out the trailer here.