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15 Gender-Swapped Superheroes, Cast As Your Favorite Celebs

by Rachel Weeks

15 Gender-Swapped Superheroes, Cast As Your Favorite Celebs

While the first female-fronted superhero movie—Wonder Woman—is quickly approaching, the Marvel super-universe is decidedly male-dominated. I mean, just look at the Avengers. But one Tumblr user, disimilis, took it upon themselves to completely flip the script, depicting all your favorite male superheroes as female actresses, instead. Trust us, these incredible images will have you begging for a completely gender-swapped universe.


Amber Heard as Captain America



Of course, we’d hate to see a world with less of Chris Evans, but this image has us convinced that Amber Heard could completely nail the role as well.


Kate Beckinsale as Iron Man



At first, we were hesitant to replace RDJ as Tony Stark, but Kate Beckinsale looks totally bad-ass as the gender-swapped alternative.


Jennifer Lawrence as Thor



Check out this demigoddess! Jennifer Lawrence looks incredible as the hammer-wielding Thor.


Kristen Stewart as Loki



We didn’t know we needed Kristen Stewart as a snarky, quick-witted villainess like Loki until seeing this image.


Mila Kunis as The Hulk



There’s anger behind those pretty eyes! Mila Kunis is the perfect choice to play a gender-swapped Bruce Banner.


Chris Pine as Black Widow



Chris Pine is all set to appear in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, but we’d love to see him as a gender-swapped Black Widow. Look at those fiery red locks!


Shailene Woodley as Hawkeye



Just when we thought Jeremy Renner was the only one to play Hawkeye, Shailene Woodley came along. She could pull off the part perfectly!


Kerry Washington as Nick Fury



Yeeeees. The Marvel world needs Kerry Washington as Nick Fury. Of course, she can totally rock an eyepatch.


Zoe Saldana as Falcon



Zoe Saldana always #slays, but we are absolutely in love with her as Falcon. Wings totally suit her!


Theresa Palmer as Quicksilver



We really haven’t seen much of Quicksilver in the films, but would totally be on board to watch Theresa Palmer run at top speed.


Jared Leto as Scarlet Witch



Ugh. Jared Leto can do anything. This Scarlet Witch is flawless.


Willa Holland as Spider-Man



We’ve seen lots of iterations of Spider-Man, but nothing like this. We LOVE Willa Holland as this spidey favorite.


Adrianne Palicki as Deadpool



While we love to see Ryan Reynolds on screen, we could certainly get behind an Adrianne Palicki femme Deadpool.


Alexandra Daddario as Daredevil



Looking fierce in red, Alexandra Daddario would crush it the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil. I mean, do you see how she rocks those sunglasses?


Natalie Dormer as Star-Lord



Guardian of the Galaxy, Natalie Dormer? Yes, please! She would fit right in as a sassy, intergalactic thief—and hero.