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15 Halloween Costumes That Will Inspire The Superhero Inside Every Woman

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15 Halloween Costumes That Will Inspire The Superhero Inside Every Woman

Superheroes have always been popular Halloween costumes. Who doesn't love to see someone in spandex save the day? Here are 15 ideas to help take your costume to magical levels.


Jessica Jones



Jessica Jones might be the most hardcore hero in our slideshow. She’s super strong, super smart, and super snarky. She’s pretty low maintenance, too, which means getting her look for Halloween is as easy as falling victim to Kilgrave (eeek!!). The scarf is a must-have, as well as the fitted leather jacket, so basically… just wear your everyday clothes. Nice!


The Powerpuff Girls



Who’s got the power? Well, you will with this dynamite costume. Grab a couple friends, snag some colorful tank tops and wigs and you’ll be transformed into Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup in no time. Plus, who doesn’t love a little nostalgia on Halloween?





OK, so Deadpool might be more of an antihero, but we are totally obsessed with this fiery jumpsuit. Put a feminine spin on the look by leaving your hair down or wearing tall boots, and you’ll be the most mouthy merc there is.


Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman



So. Many. Options. But we're *batty* for this feminine Batgirl look. You might have to dig around the internet for one of those bat hats, but a pair of yellow rubber gloves with black pants and a black shirt should have you ready to jump in the Batmobile at a moment's notice.


Jean Grey



Jean Grey is high-key the most powerful hero on our list, and she totally proves her chops in X-Men: Apocalypse. Actually, can we channel Jean Grey every day of the year?


Ms. Marvel



Ms. Marvel has seen a lot of changes in recent years. The original Ms. Marvel eventually became the current Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, which led to a total reimagining of Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan has picked up the Ms. Marvel mantle, and we are bonkers for her. This is comic diversity at its finest.


The Flash



Yeah, most superheroes are dudes, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. This update on The Flash is so comfy and stylish, it’s criminal. The skirt might not be as aerodynamic as The Flash’s original jumpsuit, but who’s paying attention to that?


The Green Arrow



Looking to go green this Halloween but not quite ready to commit to something as, well, green as The Hulk? Remember when we were all obsessed with dressing up as Katniss? Luckily, The Green Arrow’s weapon-of-choice is a bow and arrow, so you can repurpose that plastic bow you bought a few years back.


Rocket and Star-Lord from “Guardians of the Galaxy”



Maybe not everyone wants to dress as a raccoon for Halloween, but Rocket is hilarious and badass, so why not? It’s easy to spin these traditionally male characters into something new with a stylish red leather jacket and a pair of fluffy ears.


Captain America and Thor



Who says boys are the only ones who get to smash things with a hammer? Perfecting Thor’s hammer is as easy as painting a small box silver and sticking a handle on it, but it’s Cap’s smoldering gaze you’ll really have to master for this costume.


The Punisher and Daredevil



Totally. Obsessed. Honestly, we wanted Daredevil and The Punisher to team up right from the get-go, but it seems they’re both a little too troubled. Make all your Daredevil-Punisher dynamic duo dreams come true this Halloween with this low-key look. Actually, this will definitely need to be a partner costume since you probably won’t be able to see much with that rag around your eyes.





Supergirl is killing the (TV) game right now, and what better way to celebrate the female Super of Planet Earth than to dress as her for Halloween? Obviously, the key here is the signature S on the chest. Add a red skirt, and you’ll be the flyest chick at the party.


Black Widow and Scarlet Witch



Scarlet Witch isn't just any ole witch. She doesn't have any warts or a black cauldron, but she does have power beyond belief and a totally gorgeous red cape. Or you could decide to go the Black Widow route and rock that crimson hair. You can't go wrong with these two power ladies.


Hit-Girl from “Kick Ass”



For this costume you will need: vintage pleated skirt (yaaas!), purple wig, sarcasm. Need we say more? Hit-Girl is who we wish we were if we were crime-fighting vigilantes.





Hawkeye is a totally underrated superhero. He's got ears and eyes as sharp as… well, okay you get the point. The bow and arrow is totally making a costume resurgence, so dig out your best black vest and let the good people of the world know just how cool Hawkeye is.