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17 Badass Female ‘Star Wars’ Characters You Don’t Want To Mess With

by Bethany Lozier

17 Badass Female ‘Star Wars’ Characters You Don’t Want To Mess With

You don’t have to look to a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away to see powerful ladies overshadowed by men. Let’s put aside our Luke Skywalkers, Darth Vaders, and Han Solos and focus on the stellar, badass ladies in the “Star Wars” universe.


Jyn Erso



Although we have yet to see Felicity Jones’s appearance as the rebellious Jyn Erso on the big screen in Rogue One, we do know Erso agrees to help the Rebel Alliance under the cruel reign of the Empire. She’s also a bit of a loner, so it’ll be interesting how she operates in the Rebel Alliance’s team organization.





The Force is strong with this one. Like, super strong. Like so strong that in The Force Awakens, Rey defeated the misguided Kylo Ren with no formal light saber training. Her connection to the Force is one of the most powerful in the Star Wars universe, and we’re so stoked to see what lies ahead for her character.


Princess Leia



Princess Leia is probably the first female Star Wars character you think of, which is probably because she’s easily the most iconic of the bunch. From her cinnamon bun hair to her exceptionally strong Force connection, she’s one of our most favorite rebels. No one else can choke Jabba the Hutt to death clad in an iron bikini, TBH.


Queen Padmé Amidala



You could say the mother of two of the most powerful Force-wielders and the former wife of Anakin Skywalker is pretty damn strong. Padmé served as a kind queen, a diplomatic senator, and she even had a knack for shooting blasters. Despite her dismal fate, her legacy lives on through her Jedi family.


Aayla Secura



Aayla was an adept fighter and one of the most recognizable Jedi Knights on the Clones battlefield. Though her fate was sealed by the tragic Order 66, she gave her life to the Jedi Order.


Ahsoka Tano



Before Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side, he took on Ahsoka as his Jedi apprentice. Although she initially struggled to respect the ancient Jedi ways, Ahsoka grew into one of the most powerful and talented female Jedis during the Clone Wars.


Asajj Ventress



Asajj’s connection with the Force is undoubtedly strong — not many characters successfully turn to the dark side, attempt to join the Sith, and make their way back to the Jedi. But Asajj completed this meteoric transformation, making her one of the most intriguing Star Wars characters ever.


Mon Mothma



As a leader of the Galactic Senate’s Loyalist faction, Mon Mothma always supports democracy and fair rule, even in the face of the evil Empire. She founded the Rebel Alliance and assumed her role as the organization’s civil leader throughout Emperor Palpatine’s reign. In other words, she’s a badass lady leader.


Luminara Unduli



Luminara served as a prominent and skilled Jedi Master during the final years of the Galactic Republic, serving the Republic during the Clone Wars. She was eventually captured by the Empire and executed, but she remained loyal to the Jedi Order her entire life.


Maz Kanata



Maz is a Force-sensitive being who is thought to have lived over a thousand years. She gives Rey Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s old light saber, helping the heroine realize her destiny in the face of the First Order. Who knows what secrets Maz has yet to reveal…


Hera Syndulla



Hera is easily one of the most talented Jedi fighters who fought against the Empire after the destruction of the Republic. Her kindhearted nature and cunning kept her team together even in the most dire of situations. She’s our Hera, if you will.


Korr Sella



Korr established a close connection with Leia during her early days in the Galactic Senate, eventually following her to aid the Resistance. Korr lost her life when the Starkiller base destroyed the Hosnian Prime system, but her loyalty to the Resistance never strayed.


Captain Phasma



Phasma commands the many legions of First Order’s Storm Troopers clad in her mysterious armor. She exudes power, intrigue, and potentially lethal intentions — leading the First Order to galactic domination appears to be her sole purpose at this moment in time.


Jaina Solo



Though Jaina will likely never appear in any Star Wars film, several expanded universe stories centered on this Force-sensitive heroine. As the daughter of Han Solo and Leia, she possesses some kickass Force abilities and goes on many adventures with her fellow Jedi siblings. We’re hoping she’ll make an appearance in the more recent films in some way — or maybe another character is based off her (*cough* Rey *cough*).


Mara Jade



In the expanded universe, Mara Jade is Luke Skywalker’s wife and mother of his son, Ben. Though she started her career under Emperor Palpatine, upon meeting Luke she came back to the light after years of going rogue. Though she was ultimately killed by her nephew, Sith Lord Jacen Solo, (perhaps this is a reference to Kylo Ren?), Mara contributed immensely to the Jedi Order during her lifetime.


Aurra Sing



Aurra Sing was known throughout the galaxy as ruthless bounty hunter unwilling to pledge allegiance to anyone — unless she was getting paid. After Jango Fett’s death during the Clone Wars, she trained Boba Fett to become one of the deadliest and most sought-after bounty hunters ever. You definitely do not want to mess with her!


Barriss Offee



Barriss Offee studied under Jedi Master Luminara Unduli during the Clone Wars. Although Barriss possessed many of the strengths and abilities of a promising Jedi, her extensive study of old Jedi myths led her down a dark path of betrayal. Her intentions to reveal the twisted Jedi ways were noble, but Barriss ultimately hurt more beings than she helped. She admitted her guilt in perpetrating acts of terrorism against the Jedi, but she maintained her belief in the Order’s misled ways.