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19 Halloween Costumes That Show Your 2016 Pop Culture Obsession

by Caitlin White

19 Halloween Costumes That Show Your 2016 Pop Culture Obsession

Forget that witch, cat, ghost, or other basic costume and throw something on that everyone will be talking about at the Halloween party. This year had so many epic pop culture moments, and they are primed and ready to make a memorable Halloween costume. Check out these 19 buzz-worthy costumes.


Rey from “Star Wars”



Rey might have been left out of basically all Star Wars products since the release of The Force Awakens, so make sure she isn’t forgotten on Halloween. It’s a super easy costume, too. White or khaki colored leggings and tank, wrap around some tan-colored sheets or material and tie a brown belt to keep it together. Need her fighting stick? Nothing a broom handle and some tape can’t solve.


The Cast of “Hamilton”



Most costume shops worth their salt will have some Founding Fathers era garb so you can be that bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and Scotsman. A little eye pencil can create Lin Manuel Miranda’s famous goatee, and you’ll have to sing all night (as if that would be a problem).


Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad”



Forget all the superheroes, it can be far more fun to be the villain. Harley Quinn was pretty much the only good part about the movie, and her 2016 updated look is already iconic. You’ll get to play with rainbow hair color and carry a bat, so really it’s the most fun costume.


A Character From “Full House”



Pull out those scrunchies and color-blocked, oversized sweaters. This year, Netflix brought back Full House as Fuller House, and now you can bring the Tanner family to your Halloween party. Get the crew together to go as the whole squad, or bonus points for dressing as Kimmy Gibbler and then just taking all the food from the house party fridge.


Beyoncé from Lemonade’s “Hold Up”



Shop a yellow maxi dress and come armed with a baseball bat labeled “Hot Sauce” and some fighting words, because this Lemonade costume from “Hold Up” is going to crush the Halloween party.


Joyce Byers from “Stranger Things”



Forget about Barb, just like all the characters in Stranger Things did (burn!), and rock this super easy Joyce Byers costume. All you need are jeans and a basic t-shirt from your closet, an army surplus-style jacket (if you don’t have one, go denim or flannel for a similar vibe), and drape some Christmas lights around your shoulders. Chain smoking not recommended.


David Bowie



RIP, David Bowie. Bring the icon back to life with a Halloween costume devoted to the game-changing musician. Bonus: You get to have loads of fun with makeup.


Pokémon Go



The sensation that swept 2016 is now going to be rolling into Halloween parties. As a backup plan, just go as someone who plays Pokémon Go on their phone, and run around bumping into things with your face down at your phone all night.


Marcia Clark from “The People v. O.J. Simpson”



Sarah Paulson and the real-life Marcia Clark made a splash at the Emmys, and the show has dominated cultural conversation in 2016. Go back to the ’90s in a smart, shoulder-padded suit and don’t forget the curly wig to be O.J.’s district attorney.


Wonder Woman



Wonder Woman’s surprise cameo was a bright light in the otherwise not-so-good Batman vs. Superman, so rock this superhero’s updated costume and super-prise your Halloween party guests. Plus, you’re all the rage right now with your new movie coming out.


The Liars from “Pretty Little Liars”



Pretty Little Liars final season begun this year, so it’s the perfect time to get a little dirty (but still uber fashionable) and dress up as one of the Liars in the famous “shushing” opening sequence.


Newly Single Taylor Swift



Hiddeswift is no more! Time to celebrate the good old days of holding hands on the rocky coast of Rhode Island and trying to pretend the relationship wasn’t for a music video. Or, if you want to rock the T-Swift look solo, go as the newly single pop star and flirt with all the guys and girls at the party. Red lipstick is a must.


Blind Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones”



Just imagine everyone at the Halloween party asking you who you are and you having to respond, “A girl is no one.” Raggedy, black attire, a walking stick, and those awesome contacts that white out your eyes is really all you need. Any excuse to pay homage to Maise Williams is a good one.





While we’re all still in mourning over the loss of Prince, dress as the Purple Rain performer and play air guitar all night.


Simone Biles



Dig out those participation medals from childhood, because this costume is going to require a lot of gold. Show your Final Five pride and dress up as Simone Biles; wearing a one-piece sport swimsuit should do the trick. Then, see if you can’t get someone dressed as Zac Efron to give you some love.





Hope you’re cool with not seeing anything all night, because this costume takes some privacy measures. This one is all in the wig, which you can dye yourself or buy at the store, and rock the singer’s signature giant bow. You’ll be instantly recognizable if… not… recognizable… at all.





Let’s face it: A Rihanna costume is 99 percent attitude because the woman has swagger. But if you can get a man in an oversized turtleneck sweater to follow you around all night just to remind you how much he loves you, that’s just the cherry on top.