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19 Questions We Damn Well Hope Get Answered In The Season 6 Premiere of ‘Game Of Thrones’

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19 Questions We Damn Well Hope Get Answered In The Season 6 Premiere of ‘Game Of Thrones’

We are still full-on ugly crying from the Earth-shattering season 5 finale.

1. The biggest Game of Thrones cliffhanger question of all time: Is John Snow dead or nah?


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2. Will Melisandre resurrect him? And WTF does she have to say for herself after lying for 5 seasons straight about her "powers"? #RIPShireen

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3. Did Brienne really kill Stannis? We kind of hope she did, but then again they didn't show us the whole thing. So he is probably alive. Right?

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4. Clearly Sansa and Theon survived that INSANE jump according to the Season 6 trailer. But how?

Theon and Sansa Jump

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5. Also, will Ramsey find them/how angry is he going to be?

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6. Did Myrcella really die?

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7. If so, on a scale of 1 to 10 how pissed is Cersei going to be?

shit game of thrones got cercei lannister


8. Are Margery and Loras still imprisoned?

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9. Is Jorah going to die from Grayscale? Poor dude.

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10. And how soon before he finds Danny?

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11. Speaking of Danny, what do the Dothraki want with her? Is she in more trouble than she was before she amazingly escaped the mutinous attacks at the fighting pits?

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12. And whyyyy did she take off her ring?


13. Was Drogon napping the whole time she was taken? And will he be a good child and at least make an effort to rescue his mother?!

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14. What's going to happen to Rhaegal and Viserion?

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15. Is Arya blind forever!?!?

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16. And is Bran really back?!

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17. Also, WHYY was he talking to a White Walker in the Season 6 trailer?! Or is that a vision?

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18. Where the heck is Littlefinger, and what could he be plotting now?

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19. Speaking of plotting, what are the White Walkers up to? And are they going to make it past the wall?

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On a lighter note, this pretty much sums up how we are feeling about April 24th.

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