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2017’s “It Girl” Celebrities You Need To Know

by Jennifer Lafferty

2017’s “It Girl” Celebrities You Need To Know

They may not be household names yet, but these rising stars are about to take over. Here are the talented celeb women you should start looking for.



It seems that just about every year brings a new crop of “it girls”—the Emma Watsons and Jennifer Lawrences of the world, so talented, but so likeable, we all can’t help but want to be them and be their friend at the same time.



This year’s round of superstars-in-the-making have a special something that is difficult to define, but easy to see. Some are promising actresses who light up the screen, while others are enigmatic models who are at the center of exciting high profile ad campaigns that capture our imagination. At the end of the day, all of them have us asking “Who is that girl?”



Iris Law





It’s not hard to imagine this beautiful, charismatic model following in her parents’ footsteps. Iris’ father is major film star Jude Law and her mother, Sadie Frost, has also enjoyed a successful acting career. Iris’ soulful eyes and ethereal magnetism would be great on the screen, but for now she’s focusing on her popular cosmetic ads for Burberry, which helped to turn the 16-year-old into an overnight modeling sensation earlier this year when she wowed in the Burberry Liquid Velvet campaign.



Ruth Negga





This stunning, talented Ethiopian film and TV star actually began her acting career over a decade ago and had a big break in 2013 with her role as Raine in TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but Ruth has been creating quite a buzz lately with three recent and very diverse projects: the critically acclaimed civil rights romantic drama Loving, along with the fantasy adventure Warcraft: The Beginning and supernatural TV series Preacher. The captivating actress is proving she can do it all, so we expect to see a lot more of her.



Anya Taylor-Joy





One thing that most “it girl” celebrities have in common is a mysterious allure, something totally embodied by 21-year-old model-turned-actress Anya Taylor-Joy. She is as daring and worldly as she looks. Anya whose heritage includes Argentine, African, Spanish and Scottish ancestry, was raised in Argentina and England. At the age of 14, she boldly decided to move to New York so she could focus on acting. After getting her start just a few years ago with projects like The Witch, Split, and Viking Quest, she is already in demand with roles in high profile films like X-Men The New Mutants, premiering in 2018.



Stefanie Martini





This British-born actress radiates elegance, grace and self-assurance. It’s really not surprising that she was chosen to take over Helen Mirren’s role as Detective Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect 1973, a prequel to the long-running British series Prime Suspect. She talked about the project to Glamour, saying: “It’s interesting, challenging and exciting, but there is a lot of pressure. I’ve always admired Helen. But I just had to learn what I could from her work, then leave it alone and do my own thing—otherwise it would have been like doing an impression.” Her new movie is another mystery, the star-studded feature Crooked House, out later this year.



Clara McGregor





Seeing her for the first time you are struck by how gorgeous Clara McGregor is—and the obvious resemblance to her movie star father, Ewan McGregor. The model/actress possesses an easy, unpretentious charm that instantly draws people to her. It’s no wonder that the 20-year-old NYU student is having breakthrough success in the modeling world. Clara is also interested in photography, which is actually one of the things that led her to modeling. She told W: “I’ve always wanted to expand what I was doing and I really love fashion; modeling just seemed like it went hand-in-hand with acting and photography.” As for the acting, Clara made her film debut this year with the intriguing musical drama Grove.