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21 Celebs Reveal What It’s Really Like To Shoot A Sex Scene

by Bethany Lozier

21 Celebs Reveal What It’s Really Like To Shoot A Sex Scene

While the big screen scenes may look steamy at first glance, the process of filming them is decidedly not as desirable. These 21 celebs dished on what it’s really like to take it all off in front of the camera.


Ryan Gosling On Filming Sex Scenes in “Blue Valentine”



Blue Valentine is widely known for its racy sex scenes, and Ryan Gosling’s own mother couldn’t bear to watch her son get it on with Michelle Williams. During the film’s Sundance Film Festival premiere, Gosling took out his iPod and had his mom listen to a playlist and cover her eyes when the questionable scenes played on screen.


Justin Timberlake On Filming Scenes in “Friends With Benefits”



The “SexyBack” singer, despite being a huge Hollywood heartthrob, said filming scenes alongside Mila Kunis was “awkward.” Yep, the crooner found the multitudes of crew members and lighting fixtures to be distracting, but his friendship with Kunis made the experience bearable. Hey Justin, if you’re in, we’re in.


Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck” Scenes



In an interview with the New York Times, Schumer admitted to listening to Beyoncé songs to “get pumped up” for her first ever big screen sexy scenes. Schumer said, “Whether I would rather just be sitting in a dialogue with someone in a diner versus having them thrusting in my thigh — yeah, I’ll take the diner and get a piece of coconut cream pie.”


Mila Kunis On the Sex Scenes In “Black Swan”



Mila Kunis is no stranger to the spotlight, but even she confessed some scenes in Black Swan were particularly challenging. As for the girl-on-girl scene between Kunis and Natalie Portman, Kunis said filming was “awkward as any scene and a bit strange.”


Dakota Johnson On Filming “Fifty Shades of Grey”



Though the sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey are indeed some of the steamiest around, Dakota Johnson claims filming them is the exact opposite. She called the seven hour intercouse simulation scenes “tedious,” but TBH, we wouldn’t mind having to do the job alongside her co-star Jamie Dornan.


Anne Hathaway On Filming “Love & Other Drugs”



Anne Hathaway is not a woman to strip down in front of strangers, but she had to change her tune for Love and Other Drugs. Though she tried to change her clothes between takes, she later reconciled her embarrassment and learned to embrace her assets.


Dave Franco On Filming Scenes in “Neighbors”



Dave Franco’s confidence is second to none––except when it comes to his rear-end. While filming his first ever scene featuring his backside, Franco said the experience was “nerve-wracking,” and he had only met the girl a day before their filming schedule required getting pseudo-intimate. To make matters worse, the actor got a zit on his butt and had to awkwardly have the makeup artist cover it up.


Leonardo DiCaprio On Filming “Wolf of Wall Street”



Leonardo DiCaprio has played countless wonderful roles, and many of those required the actor to disrobe for some incredibly sexy scenes. In an interview with Extra, DiCaprio said that several of the scenes in Wolf of Wall Street had to be cut so the film could keep its R rating, but says he literally “let it all hang out” during his intimate close ups with Margot Robbie.


Kirsten Dunst On Filming “Bachelorette”



Bachelorette is an extremely raunchy film. In one scene, Kirsten Dunst has an explicit (and very verbal) quickie with actor James Marsden in the bathroom of a strip club––talk about romance, amiright? Dunst says she actually banned her own father from seeing the film when it premiered… probably a smart choice.


Blake Lively On Filming “Savages”



Blake Lively’s beauty could launch a thousand ships, but that doesn’t mean she’s always ready to strip down for the camera. Lively claimed her scenes in Savages were not exciting to film, saying, “There’s crew members and then there’s these naked men walking around. It just makes for an awkward environment.”


Vanessa Hudgens On Filming “Spring Breakers”



Ex-Disney darling Vanessa Hudgens exudes charisma on screen, but even she was nervous when it came to the infamous threesome scene in Spring Breakers. Hudgens was less than thrilled to bare it all in front of complete strangers, but says she was ultimately pleased with the final product.


Ashton Kutcher On Filming “No Strings Attached”



Ashton Kutcher reportedly wore sweatpants during the production of No Strings Attached. Luckily for Kutcher and Natalie Portman, most of the steamy scenes were shot after the two had gotten a chance to know each other, but filming the intimate sequences was “more complicated than it is in real life.”


Angelina Jolie On Filming “Original Sin”



Back in 2001, Angelina Jolie was criticized for the revealing, somewhat carnal scenes in Original Sin. Some even believed she and Antonio Banderas were actually having sex on screen––a rumor that was later dispelled by both parties after heavy speculation from fans and the media.


Kristen Wiig On Filming “Bridesmaids”



For those who’ve seen Bridesmaids, you know the film’s opening scene is indicative enough of the film’s occasionally raunchy, yet gut-bustingly hilarious tone. Kristen Wiig even said filming those scenes took up to 12 hours, and they had to try a variety of positions with Jon Hamm wearing a flesh-colored thong the whole time.


Ryan Reynolds On Filming “Deadpool”



Ryan Reynolds, being one of the most attractive men in Hollywood, is no stranger to baring it all on the big screen. While filming Deadpool, Reynolds said filming the revealing montage was “like having a year’s worth of sex in one day, which sounds a lot more romantic than it is.”


Kerry Washington On Filming Scenes For “Scandal”



Even though Kerry Washington plays the badass Olivia Pope on TV and she gets to flaunt it all in front of some super attractive actors, she still finds the experience “awkward.” Washington also added, “you learn to be careful, because people’s real relationships in life are important.” Talk about diplomatic, Ms. Pope!


Hugh Grant On Filming Sex Scenes… All The Time



Hugh Grant’s expert romantic comedy presence warrants him a title all his own. In an interview with W magazine, Grant claims that he finds romantic love scenes “extremely difficult” to film, but fliming sex scenes are another story, saying he “like[s] the experience of being in a sexual position when you’re not supposed to be in one.” That’s one way to look at it!


Zac Efron On Filming “The Lucky One”



Zac Efron knows how to sing and dance like no other, and he’s not shy about flaunting his goods for an audience, either. Apparently he and Taylor Schilling hit it off on the set of The Lucky One, and “had already become good friends” by the time they shot the emotional, frisky love scenes.


Taraji P. Henson On Filming Scenes In “Empire”



Taraji P. Henson’s Cookie has some steamy scenes with costar Terrance Howard in Fox’s Empire, but the pair’s friendship can get in the way of fictional, romantic foreplay. To keep things from getting too…realistic, Henson says she relies on a somewhat unconventional dirty-talk trick to get the pair through those up-close-and-personal encounters without a hitch.


Nina Dobrev On Filming Scenes In “The Vampire Diaries”



Though Nina Dobrev is unfortunately no longer starring in The Vampire Diaries, she certainly recorded her fair share of skin-baring moments on screen. Dobrev’s own mother would often visit the set and give her tips to look “sexier” when shooting suggestive scenes!


Emma Stone On Filming “Easy A”



Though Easy A is relatively kid-friendly flick, there are a few eyebrow-raising scenes featuring the effortlessly alluring Emma Stone. Her character pretends to have intercourse to raise the reputations of others at her school, but Stone joked she couldn’t simulate fake sex “without dying.” The actress discovered she had asthma after having to shoot a pseudo-sex scene for hours!