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22 Times Celebs Hid Their Pregnancies On Screen

by Alyssa K. Priebe

22 Times Celebs Hid Their Pregnancies On Screen

When celebrities become pregnant, writers have two options: write it into the show or attempt to hide with clever angles or baggy clothes. And with the right combination, fans may not even realize the camouflage. How many of these bumps did you recognize?


Kerry Washington



Kerry Washington’s pregnancy came as a surprise to the writers of the hit show Scandal. Of course with the internet the fans weren’t so shocked, and we had fun catching all the ridiculous ways they tried to hide Washington’s bump. Remember the lamp? Yeah, c’mon guys.


Courteney Cox



Unfortunately for the writers of Friends when Cox became pregnant, Monica had already discovered she was infertile in a heartbreaking episode. So they couldn’t just turn around and give Monica the child she always wanted. Nope, instead it was coats, baggy clothes, and a lot of head shots.


Lisa Kudrow



Unlike her co-star, when Lisa Kudrow announced her pregnancy the writers were able to work it into the script. Believe it or not, Phoebe becoming a surrogate for her brother wasn’t originally planned, but it did turn into an iconic story line for the series leading to many heart-felt and hilarious moments.


Julia Roberts



When you’re Julia Roberts the world adjusts to you, and that’s exactly what happened on the set of Ocean Twelve. Instead of concealing her bump, writers worked it so Roberts’ character Tess pretended to be, that’s right, Julia Roberts, for a con, who was coincidentally pregnant at the time. Her character is seen putting on a fake tummy, but don’t let it fool you, that bump was 100 percent real.


Claire Danes



During season two of Homeland Claire Danes was incredibly pregnant. Like seven-and-a-half months pregnant. And if that wasn’t hard enough, the show became more and more demanding, including several lovemaking scenes. Danes told the Hollywood Reporter about how much it sucked, and honestly we can’t blame her. We couldn’t make ourselves look comfortable tied to a pipe, let alone do it while expecting.


Ellen Pompeo



Poor Meredith Grey, she had to donate her liver due to Pompeo’s pregnancy during Grey’s Anatomy. We definitely missed her during season six. Ah well, we guess scrubs don’t offer much in terms of concealment.


Halle Berry



With her skin-tight wardrobe as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Berry’s belly just didn’t work. So instead of changing her wardrobe, director’s cut several of her character’s scenes. In an interview with Us Weekly, Berry said she wasn’t in the film as much as she was originally, and that the reason she was one of the first ones out was because of her belly. Gotta admit, that irks us a bit.


Betsy Brandt



Things got a little crazy on the set of Breaking Bad when Betsy Brandt (Marie) became pregnant. Her character was not, but Anna Gunn’s (Skylar) was. So the directors had to distract from Brandt and use shots of her belly to show authenticity for Gunn. Talk about a difficult mission.


Marcia Cross



Desperate Housewives season three did not include a pregnancy for Marcia Cross’s character, Bree Van de Kamp, so costume artists hid her belly with flowy clothes. Ironically, in the fourth season Kamp did wind up getting pregnant so Cross wore padded stomachs. Why they couldn’t just do it for season three we will never understand.


Jennifer Garner



Unlike Cross, when Jennifer Garner became pregnant during the filming of Alias, the show wrote her pregnancy into the series, following a four-month hiatus of course.


Sarah Jessica Parker



Carrie Bradshaw is not one to set her career aside to raise a family, so when Parker became pregnant while filming for Sex and the City the costume designers did everything in their power to hide her bump. However, they could only do so much and season five ended up being only eight episodes long.


Kelly Rutherford



Lily Van der Woodsen was already a mother, so when Rutherford announced she was expecting while filming season five of Gossip Girl the writers decided to hide her growing bump with baggy clothes and coats. At least the show was set in New York City so it wasn’t too odd seeing designer outerwear in every scene. Not that we were complaining, who doesn’t love a gorgeous peacoat?


Jenna Fischer



Originally, Pam and Jim were only going to have one child in The Office, but when Fischer became pregnant herself, the show went with it, writing a son, Philip, for the happy couple.


Emily Deschanel



Another show which went with it, Deschanel’s character in Bones, Temperance Brennan, wound up with a baby girl named Christine. The child brought together Booth and Temperance. At first fans were skeptical, but calmed down after seeing the romance blossom between the new parents.


Gillian Anderson



With a show filled with aliens and mystery, it wasn’t too hard for the writers of the X Files to handle Anderson’s announcement. Nope, they simply had her get abducted for most of season two. Fans missed their character, but never expected the motive behind writing her out until her pregnancy was confirmed later.


Jane Krakowski



Poor Krakowski, when she became pregnant while filming 30 Rock there was no way her character could have a baby. According to Krakowski, people said her character would make a terrible mother—and they weren’t wrong. So instead it was loose tops and baggy clothes for her, including wearing this dog costume.


January Jones



Unlike many, Jones’s pregnancy wasn’t hidden beneath layers of clothing. Nope. Instead Mad Men writers had her character, Betty Draper, gain weight. We mean A LOT of weight. There are several scenes with her chowing down. Hey, that’s one way to do it.


Julie Bowen



We never would have guessed Bowen was carrying not one, but two babies during the filming of the pilot for Modern Family. Lucky for them, a good portion of the show is set sitting on a couch so it wasn’t too difficult to keep the twins a secret.


Lucille Ball



The second season of I Love Lucy brought Ball her second pregnancy. They decided to go with it, but since it was the ’50s the network felt “pregnant” was too vulgar a word for television, so instead they used “enceinte,” the French word for pregnant. We couldn’t help but laugh at that one.


Amy Poehler



Parks and Recreation star, Amy Poehler announced she was expecting while filming season two. Her character wore loose tops, but instead of taking time off like most celebrities, the Poehler decided to film season three directly after season two that way she could take more time once her son arrived.


Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders



Perhaps one of the most challenging Hollywood pregnancy camouflages came during production of season four of How I Met Your Mother when both female leads announced they were expecting. The producers were careful about Smulders bump because Robin was so against having kids, but they had a little fun with Hannigan, giving her a scene which showed off her growing belly during a hot dog eating competition.