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23 Movie Wedding Dresses that Stun Onscreen

by Rachel Weeks

23 Movie Wedding Dresses that Stun Onscreen

If you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little kid, you probably got a lot of your earliest inspiration from movie wedding dresses. And why stop now? We’ve compiled some of our favorite on-screen gowns that would look just as amazing in real life as they did in the movies.


27 Dresses



27 Dresses covers its wedding dress bases with these two gorgeous dresses. Malin Akerman looks stunning as younger sister Tess in her modern, satin gown—even if she did destroy her late mother’s dress to make it. On the flip side, Katherine Heigl keeps it classic and simple in a V-neck column gown by Amsale.


Accidental Husband



Like Heigl’s wedding dress in 27 Dresses, Uma Thurman’s Accidental Husband dress was a part of Amsale’s CHRISTOS collection. The CHRISTOS collection has a reputation for classically romantic fabrics and silhouettes with a modern twist. This style makes perfect sense on Accidental Husband‘s leading lady Emma who has a very sensible approach to relationships and romance.


Bride Wars



What’s better than one Vera Wang wedding gown? Two Vera Wang wedding gowns, of course. And while the ex-besties—played by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway—end up wrestling down the aisle rather than walking, they certainly look amazing doing it.





It was important to Academy Award-winning costume designer John Bright that Emma’s bridal gown was period-perfect for the early 19th century. And, of course, it was. The sweet, short-sleeve wedding dress is made of silk crepe and delicately embroidered with a small sprig pattern. This dress may seem a little casual by some brides’ standards, but the embroidered train adds an extra touch that makes it appropriate for a garden wedding or church.


Funny Face



Funny Face hit movie theaters in 1957, but this satin and tulle Givenchy wedding dress is still perfectly chic. What else can you expect from Audrey Hepburn? While Hepburn didn’t wear this dress down the aisle in the film, it is still cited for starting the tea-length bridal trend.


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past



Ghosts of Girlfriends Past costume designer, Denise Wingate, selected this dress just like any bride would. “We literally crammed her in her trailer with about 20 different dresses,” Wingate says. “We tried each and every one of them on to see which looked the most beautiful.” She eventually chose a Manuel Mota dress.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows



If you’re looking for something a little out of this world on your wedding day, take a cue from Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour’s magical ceremony. French designer Jany Temime is responsible for Fleur’s black and white organza dress; she says she decorated the gown with a pair of phoenixes because like love, the phoenix is eternal.


Hunger Games: Catching Fire



To make a statement in the Hunger Games capital, you have to go big or go home, and Katniss’s enchanted wedding gown, certainly did that. The dress was created by designer Tex Saverio, possibly based on this dress from his 2012 bridal collection. Of course, he incorporated a metal bodice that was reminiscent of the flames used to represent Katniss’s home in district 12.


Imagine Me & You



This sophisticated, ballerina-length gown was created by costume designer Consolata Boyle to suit the contemporary themes of the 2005 film Imagine Me & You. Boyle said, “In the text the character says, ‘I look like a meringue,’ and yet I wanted the dress to look good and have a coolness to it too.”


Love Actually



Of course, the Love Actually wedding scene is iconic—it features a surprise performance of “All You Need is Love,” after all—but so is Kiera Knightley’s lightly feathered gown. Her semi-sheer dress says everything the audience needs to know about Knightley’s character; she’s quirky, fun and completely gorgeous.


Moulin Rouge



Not all ends well for Nicole Kidman’s Satine in Moulin Rouge!, but there is no question that she looks beautiful. Academy Award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin really outdid herself with this ornate, beaded dress and luxurious accessories.





If you can ignore the fact that, in this film, a small planet is hurdling toward the Earth, you realize that Kirsten Dunst’s character Justine looks completely stunning in this corseted, strapless dress, not to mention her silk rose circlet and long lace veil.





Nothing can distract from J Lo’s beautiful silk wedding gown in Monster-in-Law, not even her meddling mother-in-law’s white dress—rude. That’s because designer Saeyoung Vu made this ivory dress to be classic, simple, modern, and luxurious all at the same time.


Mamma Mia!



Like a boho-Grecian princess—if that exists—Amanda Seyfried looked perfect for her small wedding on a Greek islands in her multi-layered dress. Plus, the light, casual dress left her perfectly comfortable to burst into an ABBA song before the movie rolled its credits.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith



While nothing will quite beat Angelina Jolie’s real-life doodled designer dress, this off-the-shoulder sheath dress comes close. And it’s perfect for this killer couple’s simple ceremony. Of course, we still can’t quite forgive Mr. and Mrs. Smith for breaking up Brad and Jennifer Aniston.


Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement



Whether she was walking down the aisle or “cantering,” Princess Mia glowed in this regal off-the-shoulder gown. Costume designer Gary Jones created this long-sleeve lace dress to meet all the pomp and circumstance of a real princess’s wedding, even if Mia didn’t exactly tie the knot as planned.





Set in the mid-1970s, Rush is a sexy, glamorous movie about the golden age of Formula 1 racing. And Olivia Wilde’s short-sleeve lace wedding dress with a plunging neckline fits right in. Equal parts elegance and sex-appeal, this dress would translate perfectly to a modern wedding. Chris Hemsworth’s top hat? Not so much.


Sex and The City



Of course, we knew Carrie Bradshaw’s dress would be nothing less than extraordinary, but this Vivienne Westwood gown stopped us in our tracks. The film is packed with gorgeous designer dresses, but none of them compared to this.


Sound of Music



This classic ’50s wedding dress looked gorgeous on Julie Andrews’s young Maria. The fitted silk shantung gown was equally flattering and conservative, perfect for the former postulant and the style of the times. Looks like Maria wasn’t meant to be a nun after all.


Sweet Home Alabama



Of course Melanie Carmichael’s wedding and dress were gorgeous, she’s supposed to be an up-and-coming NYC fashion designer, after all. But this Alabama princess didn’t get to wear it long before fleeing her wedding—and her New York life—to find her ex-husband in the middle of a thunderstorm.


The Graduate



As far as classic lace dresses go, this layered, long-sleeve gown takes the cake—and the ceremony. Even when bursting out the front doors of the church, Elaine looks impeccable, and for a good reason. Dress creator Charlotte Todd beat out many other designers to get the chance to design it.


The Wedding Planner



So Fran didn’t get the guy, but she certainly got the gown. This gorgeous Vera Wang dress looks amazing on Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, even if she didn’t get to use it. We especially love the ornate lace bodice paired with delicate accessories.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1



No matter how you feel about The Twilight Saga, Bella’s wedding was undeniably incredible and Kristen Stewart stunned in this long-sleeve silk dress with an open lace back. Which makes sense, because this elegant Carolina Herrera gown reportedly cost a whopping $35,000.