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24 Star Wars Clothing Pieces In Celebration Of ‘The Last Jedi’

by Caitlin White

24 Star Wars Clothing Pieces In Celebration Of ‘The Last Jedi’
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Try to contain yourselves: The Last Jedi is finally in theaters. The space opera movie series hasn’t only inspired epic fantasy and science fiction stories in its wake, it’s also inspired fashion designers across the globe. Whether it’s Princess Leia’s pure whites, Rey’s sandy, draped fabrics, or the stiff, badass styling of the Empire, Star Wars influence is everywhere on the runway. These 24 Star Wars clothing items range from high-fashion to adorable tees, and we definitely recommend rocking a look to your The Last Jedi screening. (Or fourth screening, we don’t judge.)


1 of 24 Image Credits: Asos

This dress is on trend in a galaxy far, far away…


…It’s also super on-trend right here on Earth. Galaxy prints are hot, hot, hot, and the unique neckline makes this dress a show-stopper. The ASOS x Star Wars collaboration has some more subtle, totally fashionable The Last Jedi-inspired pieces, and this one is a stand-out.

2 of 24 Image Credits: Asos

You need this dress if you want “Star Wars” to go high fashion.


The subtle print won’t be screaming your proud geekdom to the galaxy. (Though we don’t judge if you want to.)

3 of 24 Image Credits: Asos

Show your love for The Force Awakens’ most adorable new addition.


Oh, BB-8, you’ve stolen our hearts.

4 of 24 Image Credits: Asos

Throw on some faux-leather leggings, and you’ll be ready to pilot an X-Wing fighter in this mini dress.


Badasses only.

5 of 24 Image Credits: Hot Topic

Join the Rebel Alliance with this Jyn Erso-inspired jacket, complete with an epic hood-scarf combo.


Drapey fabrics are all the rage in the Star Wars universe.

6 of 24 Image Credits: Torrid

If you’ve never imagined R2-D2 in a floral print, then you have to see this Rebel print foldover skirt.


It’s the softer side of droids.

7 of 24 Image Credits: Her Universe

Are you willing to expose yourself as an Empire sympathizer in this jet black, Kylo Ren helmet dress?


(OK, we’ll except that maybe you’re just an Adam Driver lover. We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.)

8 of 24 Image Credits: Her Universe

Rey’s style is on point, so we’re ready to steal her looks in absolutely any way we can, especially if it keeps us warm this season.


You heard it here: Rey knew cold-shoulders were in fashion before anyone else.

9 of 24 Image Credits: Her Universe

All Hail Princess Leia! Leia is a fashion icon in her white hot ensembles across the entire Star Wars franchise, and now we can get the look in this cape jacket.


Gold bikinis got nothing on this style.

10 of 24 Image Credits: Clark's

Of course a Rey lookalike boot comes in the color “Sand.”


You don’t have to be abandoned on Jakku to snag these Clark’s Star Wars shoes, either.

11 of 24 Image Credits: Kohl's

May the Force be with you in your barre class wearing this ballet pink sweatshirt.


Rock it at the gym for a little extra motivation.

12 of 24 Image Credits: Rag and Bone

Choose a side in the feud between the Rebellion and the Empire with these black or white boots.


Or get them both because, come on, they’re so chic. (And get them quickly because nearly every single one of Rag & Bone’s upscale The Last Jedi collection has already sold out!)

13 of 24 Image Credits: Hot Topic

You’ll be able to escape from First Order troops in this super-comfy Rey dress with massive, slouchy pockets.


Just cross your fingers you get to spend time with BB-8, too.

14 of 24 Image Credits: Musterbrand

You may not be able to withstand Hoth weather in it, but this Rey knitted sweater is still warm and chic.


Think more “brunch with the girls” than “trip to an ice planet.”

15 of 24 Image Credits: Musterbrand

Make a fashion statement in this bold cape that resembles a Rebel pilot flightsuit.


Bonus: This is probably much more comfortable.

16 of 24 Image Credits: Musterbrand

You don’t have to conjure the dark side of the Force to get your hands on this Sith Apprentice cardigan.


We’ll call you Darth Fashionista.

17 of 24 Image Credits: Think Geek

Show your colleagues who’s boss in this subtle Darth Vader blazer.


You’ll be the talk of the watercooler.

18 of 24 Image Credits: Think Geek

Take it all the way back to “The Empire Strikes Back” in this women’s take on Luke Skywalker’s Bespin fatigues.


Wait ‘til you see the painting of the Rebel Leader on the inside lining.

19 of 24 Image Credits: Think Geek

OK, so it’s not as precious as BB-8, but BB-9E scores some style points with this all-black (of course), faux-leather-sleeved jacket.


It changes the whole meaning of “dressed to the nines.”

20 of 24 Image Credits: Box Lunch

No “The Last Jedi” spoilers (promise!), but soon you’ll be wanting to represent maintenance worker Rose Tico with this utility jacket.


We said no spoilers!

21 of 24 Image Credits: Disney

We’re officially only recognizing poodle skirts that exchange BB-8 for the dog now that we’ve seen this throwback style.


This is a retro space opera fashion world we can get behind.

22 of 24 Image Credits: Disney

Turn the faux-fur trend upside down in this Chewbacca-inspired “fur” vest.


No wookies were harmed in the making of this style statement.

23 of 24 Image Credits: Disney

Channel your inner Finn (because we’ll assume you’re a good Stormtrooper) in this cozy pullover sweater.


You follow orders from no one in this trend-setting Star Wars sweater.

24 of 24 Image Credits: Walmart

Finally, how could we round up Star Wars outfits and not include our favorite new friends: Porgs!


They’ll be your yoga companions in this racerback tank.