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29 Sexy As Hell Celebs You’ll Want As Your Valentines This Year

by Bethany Lozier

29 Sexy As Hell Celebs You’ll Want As Your Valentines This Year

The most romantic day of the year is here yet again, which means it’s time for us to decide which celebs are most deserving of our love. Here are the top 29 who made our kiss list!


Emma Watson



We will always love her as Hermione Granger, and we’re definitely going to love her even more from the tale as old as time. Emma Watson, will you be one of our valentines this year?





There are few people in this world we love more than our girl Zendaya. From her inclusive clothing line to her upcoming appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming, we just can’t get enough of her.


Corey Hawkins



ICYMI, he played Dr. Dre in Straight Outta Compton, so this dude is pretty freaking high on our Valentines list. He’s also slated to appear in the new 24 as Jack Bauer, so his looks can definitely kill.


Cole Sprouse



Gone are the days of his appearances with his equally good-looking twin. Sprouse now appears on the highly anticipated Archie Comics update Riverdale, and we’re trying to find his address to send him a love letter ASAP.


Billie Lourd



This killer lady stunner stars in Scream Queens, and she’s really our queen, too. We love her more than her character’s iconic earmuffs (a loving homage to her late mother, Carrie Fisher).


Milo Ventimiglia



Milo’s been making headlines for all of the right reasons, from starring in This Is Us to returning to Gilmore Girls. We’re always #TeamJess, so he gets a special love note from us!





Our favorite ex-One Directioner has been very busy lately, from making new music with Taylor Swift to hitting the town with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. He might be taken, but he still has our hearts!


Hari Nef



Hari Nef is just about the coolest person on the face of this planet (we’re not biased at all, really). She’s a model, an actress and she’s currently starring in the new Urban Outfitters campaign sooo she’s better than all of us k bye.


Emma Roberts



When your character is known as Chanel on Scream Queens, you’re obviously the epitome of style, sophistication and sass. Which are coincidentally all of the reasons why Emma Roberts is our Queen, whom we heart so very much.


Chance The Rapper



Nobody rocks colored overalls quite like this guy, and he also raps like a freaking god. Chances are, you’re also a fan, so join us in sending him some love!


Ryan Gosling



First off, we all know Ryan Gosling is not a human being. He can sing, dance and act and he does that thing where he looks into your eyes and you melt inside. Yeah, we <3 you Ryan.


Samira Wiley



For all the OITNB fans out there, we all know how amazingly talented Samira is. She’s also set to appear in the upcoming Hulu show The Handmaid’s Tale, and we’re already counting down the days til she’s back in our living rooms.


John Boyega



If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, then you haven’t been treated to the delight that is John Boyega. Let’s just say we’re glad there’s a new trilogy because we will never tire of seeing this face.





You’ve probably heard a variety of Halsey’s songs by now, and if you’re not singing her praises every day then you’re not invited to sign our Halsey valentine. Sorry, not sorry.


Diego Luna



Rogue One revived Diego Luna’s fame stateside, and TBH we’d volunteer for a dangerous mission with him any day. Sending you endless hearts, Diego.


Shailene Woodley



Shailene slays every day of the damn week. She devotes her spare time to saving the planet, and she’s about to appear in HBO’s Big Little Lies, so we want to send her an extra big Valentine’s shout out!


Niall Horan



Of course, we had to include another ex-One Directioner. Niall’s been releasing some fresh new tunes, and his first solo album is going to drop this year (and so are we).


Zoë Kravitz



Zoë’s already got an impressive resume under her belt, from appearing film such as Divergent and Max Mad: Fury Road. She’s about to appear in HBO’s Big Little Lies, and we’re sending her as much love as possible.


Ryan Reynolds



Ryan Reynolds meets almost every criteria of being the perfect mate. He’s funny, he’s talented, he’s damn good-looking, and he’s quite the family man. Plz, accept our love, Ryan.


Selena Gomez



Selena Gomez has got the magic touch, from her chart-topping singing career to her celeb beaus, we’re always a little envious of this multi-talented diva. Selena, will you accept our rose?


Elle Fanning



Elle Fanning could easily be a real life fairy, and no one would bat an eyelash. She’s collaborating with Sophia Coppola in the upcoming film The Beguiled and her new Miu Miu campaign is positively ravishing. We love you, Elle!


Donald Glover



Whether you know him better as actor Donald Glover or his rap alias Childish Gambino, there’s no denying how incredible this man is. After all, he just won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in Atlanta and we have his albums on repeat, NBD.


Blake Lively



Blake Lively could possibly be the most perfect woman ever to exist. You can’t argue with us on this one, so just chip in on the chocolates, okay?


Janelle Monáe



Janelle’s recent appearance in Hidden Figures turned heads around the globe, and we can’t keep our eyes off of her, either. Being a singer, an actress, and all-around fabulous human earns her a valentine from us.


Dev Patel



Dev has come a long way from his Slumdog Millionaire breakout days. He’s been receiving oodles of praise for his recent film, Lion, and we’re hoping and praying he’ll be our valentine this year.


Kendall Jenner



Our girl Kendall makes living the model lifestyle look oh so glamorous, and we just want to exchange valentines with her today and every day. Look after our fragile hearts, Kendall darling.


Oscar Isaac



Again, if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, get your booty to a showing or a streaming device to feast your eyes on the sheer beauty that is Oscar Isaac. He’s about to replace Han Solo in our eyes, TBH.


Emma Stone



Emma can do no wrong in our eyes. Her style is always on point, she can sing, she can dance and no one else will ever be as adorably awkward as she is. Take our valentine and our hand in marriage, Emma.





Drake is certainly no stranger to heart-stealing, as he’s currently got an iron fist around ours. He may be dating J. Lo at the moment, but we’re still slipping our valentine under his door.