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7 Stars Who Got WAY Too Skinny for Roles

by Rachel Weeks

7 Stars Who Got WAY Too Skinny for Roles

For some roles, dramatic roles in particular, actors and actresses are forced to assume the body type of their character, even if that body type is unhealthy. If a character is sickly or starving, then the actor must assume a sickly or starving body type, often resulting in shocking weight loss. You won’t believe these seven celebrity body transformations.



We couldn’t believe the body transformations that some actors undergo simply to get into character. Whether they’re portraying an AIDS victim, ballerina, or a man lost at sea, these seven actors and actresses committed to extreme workout and diet regimens to assume the correct body type for their character.


1. Tom Hanks: Cast Away (2000)
Tom Hanks lost an incredible 55 pounds in four months to play plane-crash victim Chuck Noland. He stuck to a very limited diet of primarily vegetables, fruit, crabs, coconuts, and coconut milk and added a grueling workout routine on top of it.


2. 50 Cent: All Things Fall Apart (2011)
In the 2011 drama All Things Fall Apart, 50 Cent plays a promising college football player named Deon who gets cancer in his senior year. The rapper-turned-actor lost nearly 60 pounds in only nine weeks to play the cancer-stricken college student, getting down to a gaunt 160 pounds.


3. Anne Hathaway: Les Misérables (2012)
To play impoverished Fantine in 2012’s Les Misérables, Anne Hathaway went on an extreme diet that she describes as “starvation.” While Hathaway has been quiet about the details of her diet, she did say she was very careful: “I was on a starvation diet to look like I was near death in a film … but I went at it with a plan, and I had a guide—a nutritionist kind of helped me with it.”


4. Christian Bale: The Machinist (2004)
Christian Bale’s body type has been all over the board. But in 2004’s drama The Machinist, he lost an unbelievable 63 pounds to play Trevor Reznik, an industrial worker who was quite literally wasting away after not sleeping for an entire year. At his lowest, the 6-foot-tall actor weighed in at a shocking 121 pounds.


5. Mila Kunis: Black Swan (2010)
Ballerinas have a very thin frame, but it’s unbelievable that Mila Kunis would have to lose 20 pounds from her healthy weight to play one. That kind of weight loss is not one to take lightly, either. The tiny actress told Harper’s Bazaar that her body “has never been the same” and that she’d be cautious about taking on another role with any extreme weight change.


6. Jared Leto: Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
Jared Leto doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Leto lost a drastic 30 pounds from his healthy weight to play AIDS victim and drug addict Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club. It paid off in 2014 when Leto won an Academy Award for best actor in a supporting role.


7. Matthew McConaughey: Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
Matthew McConaughey, too, went to great lengths to deliver in the 2013 drama Dallas Buyers Club, losing 38 pounds to play AIDS victim and hustler Ron Woodroof. Like his costar Jared Leto, McConaughey also received an Academy Award for his performance, kick-starting his career as a dramatic actor.