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8 of the Best Movies Set in the Fashion World

by Jennifer Lafferty

8 of the Best Movies Set in the Fashion World

The fashion world has provided a lot of great material for filmmakers. The glamour and drama of the fashion business offer countless possibilities for provocative stories that can be told in a variety of ways, from edgy dramas to satires and musicals. Many of these films focus on designers, like the biopic Coco Before Chanel, or magazines, like The Devil Wears Prada, while others center on models like Zoolander. Check out the best movies set in the fashion world.

Whether you’re interested in participating in the fashion industry—as a designer, a model, or a fashion writer—or you simply enjoy the antics of the fast-paced fashion world, there are lots of films to help you get your fix. Check out our favorite fashion movies; they’ll have you setting new #stylegoals for 2016.



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1. Funny Face
In the classic 1957 musical Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn’s character, Jo Stockton, lives out a dream of many young girls. After being discovered by a fashion photographer (Fred Astaire) during a chance encounter at the bookstore where she works, the initially plain-looking Jo is given a spectacular makeover and the opportunity to become a high-profile model.



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2. Zoolander
A clear departure from the typical fashion model movies are the wacky 2001 comedy Zoolander and the recently released sequel Zoolander 2. The popularity of these films, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as aging male supermodels, proves that people enjoy laughing at the fashion world as much as they enjoy being inspired by it.



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3. Mahogany
This 1975 rags-to-riches drama from Motown Productions stars Diana Ross in one of her best movies, playing aspiring young fashion designer Tracy Chambers, who goes from the slums of Chicago to a glamorous life in Rome by embarking on a very successful modeling career. When she finally makes it as a designer, Tracy is torn between her dream and the man she loves back home.



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4. Coco Before Chanel
Early-20th-century fashion pioneer Coco Chanel was probably the most iconic designer of all time. There have been a number of different movies about her life, including the 2009 biopic Coco Before Chanel starring Audrey Tautou, which chronicles the colorful story of the French designer from her humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success.



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5. Ready to Wear
Originally titled Pret-a-Porter, this 1994 ensemble dramedy, directed by Robert Altman, follows the interconnected lives of a group of characters, leading up to Paris Fashion Week. The most memorable aspect of the film is probably the star-studded cast, which includes Sophia Loren, Tim Robbins, Kim Basinger, Julia Roberts, Cher, Forest Whitaker, and many more Hollywood notables.



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6. Cover Girl
Before Funny Face, there was the 1944 musical comedy Cover Girl, also set in the glamorous world of modeling. The popular film stars Rita Hayworth as Rusty Parker, a young woman who becomes a famous model after winning a contest. But Rusty’s success puts a romance with her dance mentor Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly) at risk.



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7. Blow-Up
Set against the exciting atmosphere of swinging ’60s London is the mystery thriller Blow-Up, starring David Hemmings as a young fashion photographer who discovers that he has inadvertently photographed something suspicious during a shoot in the park. The highly acclaimed 1966 film costars Vanessa Redgrave as the woman in the photo, who is seemingly trying to cover up a crime.

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8. The Devil Wears Prada

The 2006 adaptation of Lauren Weisberger’s novel about behind-the-scenes drama at a prestigious fashion magazine is clearly one of the best movies in this genre. Aspiring journalist Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) learns some hard-won lessons about life, fashion, and the cutthroat world of business as an assistant to ruthless editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep).