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8 Female-Centric Movies We Absolutely Have To See In 2017

by Jennifer Lafferty

8 Female-Centric Movies We Absolutely Have To See In 2017
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Moviegoers have been clamoring for more female-led features and filmmakers are finally listening. Whether you’re into superhero movies or historical fiction, 2017 has an exciting female-centric movie for you.


It looks like 2017 is finally the year of the woman—in Hollywood, anyway. Many exciting movies centered on strong female protagonists are headed to theaters sooner than you think, and it’s about time. From superhero fantasies like Wonder Woman to historical dramas like Killing Margret, there’s sure to be a femme-focused film for you.


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Wonder Woman


One of the most highly anticipated movies of 2017 is this fantasy adventure centering on iconic female superhero Wonder Woman. In-demand Israeli actress Gal Gadot portrays the Amazonian princess who sets out to explore the world, becoming one of the universe's greatest heroes in the process. Chris Pine co-stars as love interest Steve Trevor in this feature, which will premiere on June 2, 2017.

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Beauty and the Beast


Emma Watson takes the lead in this live-action retelling of the animated classic. The fairy tale, of course, features a beautiful young woman, imprisoned by a grotesque prince (Dan Stevens), who falls in love with him despite his monstrous appearance. With her intelligence, warmth, and independent spirit, Belle is an excellent role model, especially for young girls. The musical, featuring an all-star cast including Luke Evans, debuts March 17, 2017.

Killing Margret

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Killing Margret


This inspiring biopic chronicles the life of legendary Assyrian guerrilla fighter Margret George, who struggled for freedom, joined the Kurdish Peshmergas, and lead battles against the Iraqi government. Circumstances surrounding her early death still remain a mystery. The historical drama, written and directed by George G. Edwards, hits theaters August 1, 2017.

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Pitch Perfect 3


The Bellas are back by popular demand in this third installment of the hit music comedy franchise about everybody's favorite all-girl singing group. Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, and Brittany Snow all return for this December 22, 2017 release.

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


Ethan Hawke and Cara Delevingne team up in this sci-fi epic based on a graphic novel. From Lucy director Luc Besson, this film tells the story of time traveling special operatives, Valerian and Laureline, who investigate the advanced, intergalactic city of Alpha. This space opera, premiering July 21, 2017, also features performances by Clive Owen and Rihanna.

In the Garden

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In the Garden


Based on Christal Kahles' compelling novel, this film revolves around a paralyzed young woman who has a calling to be a missionary. She bravely holds on to her faith while faced with obstacles, loss, and tragedy. The heart-warming family drama is due out December 9, 2017.

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Ghost in the Shell


In Scarlett Johansson's next high-profile action pic, she plays a cyborg policewoman who is determined to bring down a despicable computer hacker. This big-screen crime drama is based on the popular manga by Masamune Shirow. Directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman), the film co-stars Boardwalk Empire's Michael Pitt and is expected in theaters March 31, 2017.

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Red Sparrow


Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence takes on the challenging and provocative role of a Russian intelligence officer, tasked with seducing a CIA agent (Joel Edgerton) who handles penetration of sensitive Russian intelligence. The lives of the two officers and others are ultimately at stake in this tale of deception and forbidden passion, premiering November 10, 2017.