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Beyoncé Vs. Adele: The Grammy Showdown

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Beyoncé Vs. Adele: The Grammy Showdown

Beyoncé and Adele are both up for multiple Grammys, but who deserves the top prizes the most?

The Grammys are always a much-anticipated night for celebs and fans, alike, and 2017's show is looking to be no different.

Many are considering this year's 59th annual ceremony to be a showdown between two of the most powerful superstars in music. On Feb. 12, 2017, Beyoncé's powerful pop songs and Adele's classically simple vocals will be competing for three of the show's major prizes: record, song, and album of the year.

Beyoncé's Lemonade was a revelation, an entirely new kind of (visual) album that gave voice to black women across centuries. I mean, there are literally college classes on it. Adele is our generation's diva, and she's not the diva we deserve, but the one we need. She's proudly foul-mouthed and fun, but her OMG voice brings together everyone from grandfathers and toddlers, teenage boys and their mothers. 

Naturally, people were totally blown away by Bey's Formation tour that wrapped up in Oct, and Adele's Live tour was an exhausting and absolutely successful 107 shows in 10 months, as she expressed in a recent Instagram post.

And while friendly competition can be a little fun, to be frank, we're a little sick of the girl vs. girl stuff. I mean honestly, how freaking awesome is it that both of these women have had such a successful year (ahem: life) and that they're at the front of their respective audiences? After all, who run the world? Girls.

So let's be real here, how could anyone ever pick between these two kickass women?! Why must we set them against each other when they're both doing such incredible things for music and the female population as a whole? Each of them being up for multiple awards, having incredibly successful careers and being named at the very top of each of their genres shouldn't be grounds for a competition, but instead, a celebration!


Women get a lot of flak for their criticisms and judgment of each other, and with a new year and new beginnings around the corner, something needs to change. On your list of New Year's resolutions, let's make it a point to shift this dynamic. We don't need to compare ourselves to one another, and we don't have to wish away the success of another woman in order to succeed ourselves — and Beyoncé and Adele are the perfect, real-life examples of that.

With a glass of wine in hand watching the Grammy Awards 2017, we will celebrate no matter who wins and we will be forever confident that both of these women are beautiful, successful role models in their separate and equally unique ways, and we couldn't love either of them more.