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‘Blues Clues’ Turned 20, And It’s Making Us Miss These 6 Other Childhood Shows

by Hannah Marsh

‘Blues Clues’ Turned 20, And It’s Making Us Miss These 6 Other Childhood Shows

Thinking about our favorite cartoon dog and his best pal, Steve, is giving us all of the feels remembering these other childhood shows.


Twenty years ago yesterday (yes, 20!), our favorite green-striped sweater-wearing host Steve and his best cartoon-pal Blue made their Nickelodeon debut on Blues Clues. As we reminisce on the childhood classic by daily humming the mail song every time it arrives and continuing to be torn between mourning the loss of Steve from the show and being ecstatic that the rumors of him dying from a drug overdose were, in fact, false, we can’t help but think about these other great series that were vital to our development into (sometimes) fully functioning adults.


1. Out-of-the-Box


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We’re pretty sure it’s not totally off the mark to declare this series the most magical show on TV. The Playhouse Disney original taught us how to stay entertained in the simplest of ways, with crafts, skits and songs — minus the whole “needing-an-incredible-and-nearly-impossibly-made-fort” to do it. We’re still trying to figure out how to be one of the kids on the show.


2. Recess


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We’d be lying if we said this show wasn’t the reason we didn’t used to get out of bed early on Saturday mornings (granted, it was a lot easier when our weekday responsibilities included an actual recess). If we didn’t already want the real recess to last forever, we definitely did every time we watched T.J. and his friends navigate the crazy and confusing world that is elementary school.


3. The Big Comfy Couch


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Most clowns are terrifying, but Loonette and her dolly Molly eased our fears while simultaneously teaching us how to tell time (and showing off some unheard of flexibility). Loonette taught us how to deal with name-calling and teasing, the importance of naps (which especially resonates nowadays), and that dust bunnies really can talk.


4. Bear in the Big Blue House


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Life goals: live in a big house (blue would be a great color, but we’re flexible) with all of your friends (who might happen to be muppets), and learn life lessons together by singing and going on adventures. Also, always use the moon (“Luna”) to remind us all of the “big picture” that is life. Wow. So much wisdom, kids.


5. Clifford the Big Red Dog


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Clifford was honestly our spirit animal before we even knew what spirit animals were. Just like Emily Elizabeth, we probably would have learned about fairness and sharing a lot earlier if we had an enormous red dog IRL that could help. (We also wouldn’t have had to ask our parents for so many rides.)


6. Rugrats


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We miss Tommy. And Chuckie, and Dil, and Kimi, and Phil, and Lil and yes — even Angelica. We knew we didn’t get our fill of the toddler’s lives when we were little, and while we all admittedly indulged in Rugrats All Grown Up!, it still wasn’t enough. We need a “Where Are They Now?” special. Did they go to college? Are they married? Do they have their own children that get into the same kinds of shenanigans? As dedicated fans, we demand answers.