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Cara Delevingne Destroys Dave Franco and James Corden in ‘Drop the Mic’

by Chad Taylor

Cara Delevingne Destroys Dave Franco and James Corden in ‘Drop the Mic’

Cara Delevingne joined James Corden and Dave Franco on ‘The Late Late Show’ for a good old fashioned rap battle, and showed the boys how it’s done.


Cara Delevingne has got a lot going for her. She’s amazonian, beautiful, bright, funny, and sports some of the best eyebrows around. But when James Corden brought her and Dave Franco into the house for the latest edition of The Late Late Show‘s “Drop the Mic” bit, she also proved that she’s not above dropping suckas.



As we told you about earlier in the week, Corden knows how to make a successful bit for his Late Late Show. “Mic Drop” usually pits Corden against another celebrity in a timed rap battle, but for this edition he mixed things up a bit and made it a three-way event. Corden started things off by ripping Franco for being less well-known than his brother, and then delivered probably his best line of the night to Delevingne:


“You’re perfect for Suicide Squad—I’m being heartfelt/’cause when I see you try to act, it makes me want to kill myself.”


Unfortunately for Corden, Delevingne ran out of bubblegum, and fired right back with:


“You’ll kill yourself? You promise? Is that a fact?/I’ve never heard a better reason for me to act.


I can see it now, the headlines all about me/Cara Delevingne: The woman who saved late night TV.”


She then turned her attention to Franco, managing to knock him for his height, talent, selection of movies AND level of fame, all in four delicious lines.


For Franco’s first round, he delivers shots about Delevigne’s eyebrows (which is kind of like tugging on Superman’s cape; you’re just asking for a slap), and called Corden a “Fat Mr. Bean.” Everyone got a third round, where Corden finished by ripping both contestants for being poor copies of their more famous siblings, and Franco told Delevingne that she’d never be a household name “’cause no one can f*ckin’ spell it.” But unfortunately for Franco, the damage had already been done a few seconds ago, after Delevingne delivered the most savage line of the night when she told her two male competitors “You both shorter than me and I think that you’ll find/I’ve hooked up with hotter girls than both of you combined.”


Damn, girl.