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Celine Dion Rapped To Nelly And Missy Elliot On ‘Ellen,’ And It Was Surprisingly Good

by Faith Brar

Celine Dion Rapped To Nelly And Missy Elliot On ‘Ellen,’ And It Was Surprisingly Good

On the talk show host’s latest episode, the diva put her own unique spin on some iconic rap songs.


We are so used to watching Celine Dion sing soulful music that is sure to tug at our heartstrings. But recently, the iconic singer has been proving her chops are much more versatile than we might think. Case in point: That time she perfectly emulated Cher, Rihanna, and Sia during a game of Musical Impressions on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Now, she’s back at it again on Ellen, except this time she’s showing off her rapping skills. Well, kind of.


“You sing these ballads all the time,” Ellen DeGeneres explained to Celine on her show on Monday. “I want you to keep growing as an artist, so we put some rap songs in the prompter. All you have to do is sing the words.”


Though hesitant at first, the 48-year-old singer got things going with Nelly’s “Hot in Here” — though we’re almost positive, she’d never heard the song before. “What is that?” she asked the crowd, before mumbling: “My career is going to end tonight.”


Shortly after, she managed to add a sentimental spin to “Shots” by Lil John (how is that even possible?) before moving on to Britney Spears’ hit, “Work B*tch”. That said, she refused to sing any explicit words and told DeGeneres: “I could not go on with what was written there, sorry about that.”


Before signing off, she performed a soulful cover of “Work It” by Missy Elliot and earned herself a loud cheer from the crowd — who also earned free tickets to her show. Jealous.


Watch the timeless artist do her thing in the video below.


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